Who are the Major RC Helicopter Brands?

The RC hobby has many pathways and crossroads, as there are different kinds of RC vehicles and aircraft for you to try. Many beginners in the hobby would start with RC cars, and then they will eventually move on to trying RC boats, RC planes, and RC helicopters. 

Out of all types of RC toys, the RC helicopter is arguably the hardest to control, as you often have to think about how to do a proper take-off and landing on the helicopter. Flying an RC helicopter is also much more difficult compared to flying an RC plane, as it has very different controls. 

In order to make the RC helicopter feel a little bit easier to control and play with, there are major RC helicopter brands that are dedicated to bringing the best RC helicopters that are made of high-quality parts and are much smoother to handle in terms of controls. Here are some of the major RC helicopter brands that you should know about before trying out an RC helicopter. 


controlling an RC helicopter

Although E-flite is mostly known for producing some of the best RC airplanes on the market, its RC helicopter line should also be highlighted since it features great RC helicopter models that are perfect for both beginners and veterans in flying an RC helicopter. E-flite is a brand of RC planes and helicopters that are produced and distributed by its parent company, Horizon Hobby, which also owns other RC companies like Axial, Spektrum, and ARRMA.

E-flite has various ready-to-fly models that are perfect for beginners that just want to fly an RC helicopter right out of the box. However, the brand also has customizable models with parts that you can buy separately to create the RC helicopter that suits your preferences more than the standard or ready-to-fly models.


A great brand that you should know more about when buying RC helicopters is Syma. Even though Syma is primarily a brand that produces and sells drones, it actually has a fantastic helicopter line that consists of beginner-friendly helicopters, as well as high-performance ones that are more suitable for experienced RC hobbyists.

Syma mainly focuses on drones and RC helicopters that are very easy to control, thus making them perfect for beginners that just want to try out flying RC toys. However, there are also customizable options in the Syma catalog that are great for people that like to customize or improve their RC helicopters or drones.


One of the newest RC brands that quickly rose to the top of the rankings is Cheerwing. This brand was only founded in 2017 and immediately began selling RC cars, RC boats, RC drones, and RC helicopters in different countries around the world through the brand’s online store. 

In just a few years, Cheerwing became one of the major RC helicopter brands, and the reason why they became successful so quickly is because of their great RC helicopters, which you would often see in different lists of the best RC helicopters. Despite being revered by veteran RC hobbyists, Cheerwing produces some of the best RC helicopters for beginners. So, if you are new to the RC hobby, you should check out what Cheerwing has to offer.


a flying RC helicopter

The brand with the simplest name on this list is Blade, which is a company that focuses on providing the best RC helicopters for beginner and experienced hobbyists. Much like E-flite, Blade is also one of the brands that are operated or managed by Horizon Hobby. For those who don’t know, Horizon Hobby was founded in 1985 and now has different locations for productions in various countries, including the UK, the US, and Germany.

But, unlike E-flite, Blade is more focused on RC helicopters as opposed to RC planes, which E-flite is more known for. On the Blade website, you can easily pick which helicopter is suitable for you by determining what skill level you have for flying an RC helicopter. There are three skill levels available on the Blade website, with Skill Level 1 having models perfect for beginners and Skill Level 3 having more advanced RC helicopters that are highly customizable. If you want a customized RC helicopter, Blade offers a customization feature that lets you choose the parts you want to have on the copter before buying it.


WLToys is the most versatile brand on this list, as they don’t only sell RC helicopters but also other types of RC vehicles, as well as parts that you will need as a replacement or upgrade to the original parts of your RC helicopter. WLToys is a registered brand of RC products that is based in China and has been operating since 2011. This brand primarily markets its products in Western Europe and North America, although they also have a domestic market.

On the online store of WLToys, you would mostly find RC parts for drones, helicopters, and cars. However, you will also be able to find kits that already have everything you need to start playing with different types of RC vehicles. You can also find WLToys RC helicopters in other popular online shops like Amazon, so buying an RC helicopter from the brand is now that difficult.


DEERC is another China-based brand that is dedicated to offering the best RC helicopters for beginners while also being great to have for experienced hobbyists that just want to practice their flying skills without using their expensive or customized models. 

While DEERC is more focused now on producing RC cars and RC monster trucks, the brand still has a line of RC helicopters that are available on Amazon and other well-known online stores. Check out DEERC’s DE52 so that you can check out the main features that the brand offers for its RC helicopters.

So, these are the major RC helicopter brands that you need to know about if you don’t have a clue yet on what model of RC helicopter you can buy. What’s great about some of the brands that we mentioned is that they have models for different price ranges, so you will still find a high-quality RC helicopter even if you are on a tight budget.