Options When You Run Out of Model Glue

When you run out of glue in your scale modeling work, a DIY glue can come in handy

It is so easy to get so engrossed in working with various scale models. No matter how keen you are there are moments when little things go out of mind. One of the examples is when you run out of glue while trying to finish your miniature. Be it a sole resin … Read more

Challenging Model Kits for Very Smart People

This scale model of London is a challenging and fun-filled hobby that one can indulge. 

Despite some people’s predisposition to categorize model-building as a children’s activity, it has no age limit. Most model kits are designed for people whose smart enough and some of these kits are too complicated for younger builders. Maybe it’s time to take up the extremely gratifying pastime of model making. Model building can be a … Read more

Seven Best Remote-Controlled Cars that Kids Will Love

Remote-controlled toy cars that kids surely adore.

When children realize they have made something to do on their own, they exude a distinct kind of excitement. Toddlers can learn how to connect the movements on the controller with the vehicle by playing with remote control cars. Plus, seeing a toddler pursue a car around the home or yard with … Read more

Top 8 of Traxxas Remote Control Cars

A lightly modified Traxxas Jato 3.3 nitro-powered remote-controlled car.

RC cars were first introduced in the late 1960s, and they remain popular until today, despite the introduction of cellphones, streaming television services, and gaming consoles. Racing a quick and fidgety small RC car around the house or down your street is undeniably entertaining. The wonderful thing about remote-controlled automobiles is that there … Read more

10 Best Robotics Toy Kits for Kids and Teens

The Lego Mindstorm NXT is a robotics programmed golf-bot that allows children to enjoy STEM-based toy activities.

Playing with robotic toys can teach a child a variety of abilities. They can aid in fine motor coordination, critical thinking, and a variety of other skills. Some robots require assembly, which might improve your child’s dexterity. It will assist children in reading and following directions while also promoting analytical thinking. Assembling … Read more

Tips for Getting Started with Robotics as a Hobby

Concentrated man repairing drone detail with screwdriver

Technology grows at an exponential level nowadays. Sometimes one finds it difficult to grasp the vastness of technological advancement. In robotics and engineering, one can only surmise that these become possible because of scientists, professionals, and researchers alone.  However, as years go by, it has also been proven that the complex world … Read more

How to Add Lighting To Your Model Sets

scale model with lights

A lot of people today enjoy scale modeling as a hobby. It is a fun and exciting hobby for both kids and adults, but it also needs patience, skills, creativity, and preciseness to ensure that you will get the best results. This means that without proper skills and knowledge, your project or … Read more

How Do They Get That Ship in the Bottle Anyway?

A ship in a bottle

Miniatures are undeniably eye-catching. These have different types and could be an embellishment or a collection. You might have seen and heard a ship in a bottle, one of the miniatures in line. It can be frequently seen in the souvenir shops when traveling and became a decoration in houses or for … Read more

Model Building Can Be a Great Work Break

Plastic Model Kit of Revell Stearman PT-17

Work breaks are often short-lasting, and we spend them eating or talking with coworkers. That seems to be our everyday routine, but what if we tell you there’s more to do in a work break than just listening to your coworker’s life drama? Well, for one, you can follow up on your … Read more

Tips for Using Spray Guns on Your Models

A Spray Gun

Spray painting your models and giving them a new look is an exciting process. To the untrained, the process can be slightly daunting and nervous. However, it does not have to be. Although using spray guns requires some skills, it doesn’t take long to develop.  You simply need to follow basic standards … Read more