Who are the Major British Car Makers?

Who are the major British car makers? The United Kingdom has a long history of successful automotive companies. From Aston Martin to Rolls Royce, the UK has produced many world-famous cars that have been popular worldwide. This blog post will look into some of the most notable British car manufacturers and explain what makes them so special.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin V8

First on the list is Aston Martin. Aston is one of the most well-known British car makers and has been producing luxury sports cars since 1913. The company originally only produced racing cars but later branched out into road vehicles in 1915 due to public demand for affordable vehicles they could drive on their own roads.

Aston Martin has always had a unique look to its cars. One of the most famous is the DB series, which was produced from 1969-1990 and included some iconic models such as:

DB Mark III – Produced in 1973, this car had a much more rounded look than previous Aston Martins, with it being based on an Italian design by Zagato. This also marked the first time an Aston Martin was fitted with a six-cylinder engine.

DB convertible – This convertible was produced from 1986-1989 and is considered one of the most beautiful Aston Martins ever made. It featured a sleek design, luxurious interior, and powerful V12 engine.

Aston Martin is still in business today and has continued to produce some of the most luxurious and beautiful cars in the world.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Phantom coupe

Another famous British car manufacturer is Rolls Royce, which was founded by Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce in 1906. The company has been producing luxury vehicles ever since, with their first model being called the ‘Silver Ghost.’ In fact, it’s the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that is considered the first true luxury car.

Rolls Royce has always been known for its high quality and luxurious designs. Some of their most famous models include:

Silver Shadow – This was the company’s first model to be produced with a monocoque body, which helped to give it a more modern look. It was also the first Rolls Royce to be fitted with air-conditioning.

Phantom – The Phantom is the latest model in the Rolls Royce lineup and has been met with critical acclaim since its release in 2003. It’s easily one of the most luxurious cars on the market and features a powerful V12 engine, handcrafted wood and leather, and incredible attention to every detail.

Rolls Royce is still a popular brand today, with the company unveiling its new model Phantom in 2015.


JaguarAnother well-known British carmaker is Jaguar which was founded by William Lyons in 1922. The first models were constructed from used parts from other companies and featured a modified Ford engine.

Jaguar has always been known for its sporty designs and high-performance vehicles. Some of the most popular models include:

E-Type – The E-Type is considered to be one of the most beautiful cars ever made and was produced between 1961 and 1975. This classic British sports car is also one of the fastest cars of its time, with a top speed of 150 mph.

XJ220 – The XJ220 was produced in 1992 and is considered to be one of the most advanced supercars of its time. It had a V12 engine that could produce over 500 horsepower and could reach a top speed of 217 mph.

F-Type – The F-Type is the newest model in the Jaguar lineup and is considered to be one of their most luxurious models yet. It’s available as a convertible or coupe, features an aluminum body, V12 engine that can produce over 550 horsepower, and has a top speed of 186 mph.

Jaguar is still producing some of the best sports cars today, with competitive models in every category.


MINI Countryman

One final British carmaker that deserves mention is MINI which was founded by the British Motor Corporation in 1959. The company is most well-known for its small, affordable cars that are perfect for city driving.

MINI has always been a popular choice for city drivers due to its small size and easy maneuverability. Some of their most popular models include:

MINI Convertible – The MINI convertible is the latest model and a great choice for those looking to get into a new car without spending too much money. It has an impressive design, comes in over 15 colors, and features all-wheel drive on certain models.


Lastly, we have a new British car maker called McLaren that was founded by New Zealander Bruce McLaren in 1963. The company initially produced racecars but has since expanded into road cars and even superyachts.

The first models were quickly successful, with the company winning races all around the world as well as many championships. Some of their most famous models include:

McLaren F-Series – The McLaren F-Series is the company’s latest and most advanced model. It was first released in 2015 and is available as a coupe or convertible. It features an all-carbon-fiber body, twin-turbo V12 engine that can produce over 800 horsepower and reaches a top speed of 217 mph.

Car Making History

The UK has been making cars for almost as long as the automobile itself. In 1896, Frederick Simms produced his first car in Wolverhampton and, just a few years later, founded The Daimler Motor Company in Coventry (now owned by Mercedes). This company would go on to become one of the most successful automobile producers in the world. Other notable early British car makers included Austin Motor Company and Morris Motors.

Other companies soon followed these pioneers, and by 1910, there were over 100 automotive manufacturers based in the UK. This number would continue to grow, and today, many of the largest car brands are still produced here, including Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Rolls Royce.

Car Industry In The UK Today

Today the automotive industry in Britain has grown to become one of its largest export sectors. Over half a million people are now employed within this sector, generating an annual revenue of over £22 billion for the British economy – making it twice as large as aerospace (Financial Times). This success is largely due to the introduction of major car-building plants by some of the world’s biggest companies. These include Ford, Honda, and Nissan, as well as newer arrivals like Tesla Motors (who produce electric cars).

In addition to these factories, there are now over 700 automotive engineering businesses manufacturing components such as seats, steering wheels, and airbags. This makes the UK automotive industry one of the most vertically integrated into the world, with almost all stages of production taking place within its borders.

Final Thoughts

This article is all about the major British car makers and how they have been producing cars for almost as long as the automobile itself. It also goes into detail about the automotive industry in Britain today and how it has grown to become one of its largest export sectors. Finally, it talks about some of the biggest companies who have set up car-building plants in the UK.