Introduction to ARRMA RC Cars

There are now hundreds of different RC brands that sell various RC products around the world, but only a few are considered the most popular and the best when it comes to providing high-quality RC cars or vehicles for hobbyists and people that want to get into the RC hobby. One of these great RC brands is ARRMA, which is a relatively new company compared to other popular brands, as they only started operations in 2005 in Los Angeles, California.

However, despite being a new brand in the industry that already has long-standing and old brands, ARRMA unsuspectedly rose to the top of the rankings as one of the most popular RC brands in the world. To know more about this brand, here are the products and services that ARRMA has to offer.

The ARRMA Website

off-road racing with an RC buggy

In order for you to see all the products that ARRMA has available for purchase, you should visit the company’s website, which also serves as an online store. On the ARRMA website, you will have a very convenient time finding RC cars that are suitable for your preferences or the specifications you are looking for. On the RC website, there are different categories of products for you to choose from, with the main categories being 2WD, 4WD, RTR (Ready to Run), Roller (No Electronics), and New Releases.

In addition to those main categories, you will also be able to browse through different ARRMA products based on certain specifications. You can shop ARRMA vehicles by speed (20+ MPH, 30+ MPH, 50+ MPH, 60+ MPH, 70+ MPH, 80+ MPH), by power system (Mega Brushed, 6S Capable, 3S Capable, 8S Capable, 4S Capable, Roller Chassis), by style (truck, short course, buggy, all road), and by type, which we will talk about in a bit.

On the website, you will also see the favorites of those that are running the ARRMA website or the people working for the company. Two of these favorites are the 1/7 Infraction 6S BLX V2 All-Road Truck RTR and the 1/8 Talion 6S BLX 4WD Extreme Bash Speed Truggy RTR. Unfortunately, the ARRMA Website only ships to the United States and Canada. So, if you are living outside those countries, you may want to buy products from local hobby shops that carry the ARRMA brand.

Shopping ARRMA Vehicles by Speed

As we have mentioned previously, you can browse through various ARRMA products by deciding on which specifications you want to focus on. If you want to search for the fastest ARRMA RC cars available on their online site, you can click on the 80+ MPH button under the “Shop Vehicles by Speed” section of the website’s home page. For beginners, the recommended speed for RC vehicles is 20 MPH or 30 MPH, and luckily, ARRMA also offers 20+ MPH and 30+ MPH RC cars.

Shopping ARRMA Vehicles by Power System

In addition to speed, you can also look for ARRMA vehicles based on their power system. For those that are just starting in the RC hobby, the Mega Brushed vehicles are perfect for them, as it has simplified parts and mechanics to make it much easier for beginners to control and maintain the RC vehicle. Moreover, there are also choices of ARRMA vehicles based on the battery packs that can be used on the vehicles. So, there will be 6S capable, 3S capable, 8S capable, and 4S capable RC vehicles that you can choose from in the ARRMA catalog. If you are looking for vehicles with a roller chassis, there is a “Roller Chassis” section on the power system category of the ARRMA website as well.

Shopping ARRMA Vehicles by Style

If you are currently looking for a specific type or style of RC vehicle, the ARRMA website allows you to look for RC types easier through the “Shop Vehicles By Style” section, wherein you will be able to check out the different kinds of RC vehicles that ARRMA produces. Of course, there are RC trucks and buggies that are available in the ARRMA store, but there are also short course and all-road RC vehicles that are catered toward experienced RC hobbyists that want to have an RC car for racing.

Shopping ARRMA Vehicles by Type

RC pickup truck

ARRMA’s catalog is filled with RC vehicles that have different types and models based on them. Here are the types or models of ARRMA vehicles that you can find in the online store.

  • Kraton – RC monster trucks that have a small body with big suspensions. The tires of the Kraton have aggressive traction patterns that are perfect for off-road racing or for doing tricks on uneven terrain.
  • Typhon – 1/8 RC buggies that have a smaller and slimmer body.
  • Talion – A speed truggy that combines the best elements of monster trucks and buggies.
  • Senton – 1/10 short course trucks with 4WD construction.
  • Outcast – RC monster trucks that have a pickup truck body with big suspensions and tires.
  • Notorious – Another RC monster truck with a pickup truck body that has an edgier design.
  • Granite – Monster trucks with a narrower suspension system that is suitable for beginners.
  • Big Rock Crew Cab – A RC monster truck with a much simpler design compared to other models or types.
  • Vorteks – A stadium truck that is perfect for beginners.
  • Mojave – Desert trucks that are suitable for off-road racing.
  • Felony – An all-road muscle car that is built for the streets.
  • Fireteam – An RC speed assault vehicle that has 4WD construction and 6S capability.
  • Infraction – All-road and resto-mod trucks that feature wild color combinations.
  • Limitless – A speed bash roller that is built for fast races.
  • Vendetta – An all-road speed bash racer that looks more like a sports car.
  • Extreme Bash (EXB) – A special category of ARRMA vehicles that feature the Extreme Bash color combination, which consists of black, red, and white.

And those are all the things you need to know about ARRMA RC cars and the company’s online store. As we stated before, you have the chance to buy ARRMA vehicles in your local hobby shop if you are outside the US and Canada. But, to have the best choice, be sure to check out the ARRMA website first and see which models are suitable for you.