Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

Of all the things a kid can experience in his childhood, one of the most fascinating would be owning and driving an automobile. Even as we grow older, our fascination with cars never seems to wear off. Whenever we see a car, even if it’s just a toy, we couldn’t help but touch it and see how fast it could go. Indeed, cars truly are toys for both big and little boys (and for girls too).

Technology continues to progress, and with it comes tons of different benefits to every aspect of human living. While past generations of children could only drive toy cars in make-believe scenarios, today, we can do so using remote controls (RC). RC cars are now rising to popularity, with several companies coming up with closer-to-reality designs and more reliable connections between the controller and the machine. Due to their fantastic robotics and exhilarating mobility, toy cars had now become an absolute top-notcher in every kid’s Christmas wish.

So, as parents with kids sharing the same car enthusiasm as we do, knowing the best RC cars is a MUST. Fortunately, we have here a list of some of the premier RC toy cars that are definitely worth the dime.

1. Traxxas Rustler XL-5

Battery: 7-cell NiMH | Power-up Time: around 45 minutes | Max Speed: 35 mph

Talk about a ready-to-race toy truck with a quality frame and chassis; we may be looking at the Traxxas Rustler XL-5. This little beast outstands most of its kind, having a top speed of more or less 35 mph, powered by a 7-cell NiMH battery. Traxxas Rustler XL-5 is undeniably fast and furious – cruising through rough and off-road terrains easily with more power, smoother controls, a sturdier frame.

Impressively enough, the toy car gets its electronics sealed, which means it can tear through puddles and muds and burrow through snow hassle-free, with style and slick. The waterproof system gives the RC toy truck greater possibilities for adventure and thrill – your imagination sets the limit.

2. LEGEND RC Truck by Laegendary

an RC toy car and its black controller on the ground

Battery: two Li-Po 7.4V 1600mAh| Power-up Time: around 40 minutes | Max Speed: 30 mph

Massive and conquering – two words that best describe this beast by Laegendary. This 1:10 scale toy truck towers over others deserving of its pride. With batteries that can power up this legendary toy truck for 40 minutes, there is no stopping the off-road fun. LEGEND RC truck promises extended fun with your little beast as it treads rough surfaces, including dirt roads, muds, and gravels.

Its extraordinary grip and control ease make for an exciting outdoor adventure. Not to mention, the two speed modes (low and high-speed modes) allow beginners to get the hang of it until they master complete control to unlock this beast’s off-road potentials.

3. Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Drift Car

Battery: 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH | Power-up Time: about 40 minutes | Max speed: 15 mph

If you are looking for classier yet aggressive performance, look no further. When you have the Redcat Racing Lightning controller at your fingertips, rest assured to see the slides and drifts you can only see in movies.

The design of this gorgeous Rc toy car allows it to achieve the drifts and speeds it’s meant for. The lightweight plastic chassis allows for easy recovery even at top speeds, while its 4WD system and low-grip rear wheels enormously contribute to the drifting mechanics. The batteries allow for 15-minute play, which could be a downer for those who wish to play for longer hours, but if you’re looking for a toy car that maintains a steady forward momentum, this RC toy car is a fantastic choice.

4. BEZGAR 17 by Bezgar

black-and-red RC toy car tearing through the snow

Battery: 2x6V 800mAH | Power-up Time: 2.5 hours | Max Speed: 12 mph

Aesthetic and performance-wise, this tiny toy car is also an absolute winner. Boasting a robust motor that could take it up to 25km/h, Bezgar’s RC car is also surprisingly sturdy, given its all-alloy frame. With its 1/14th scale, the toy car proved to be slightly bulkier than the average and standard 1/18th vehicles, making it sturdier and more massive, with high resistance to collision damages even at high speeds.

Additionally, Bezgar’s RC car gets a built-in shock absorber making it ideal for cruising rough terrains with ease and perfection. It also has a light bar mounted at the roof just above the seats, which adds to the aesthetics and creates realistic vibes at sundown.

5. KidiRace Remote Control Police Car

Battery: one rechargeable pack | Power-up Time: around 1 hour | Max Speed: about 12 mph

One of the best RC toy cars for kids on our list is this KidiRace RC Police Car. This toy cop car makes a perfect Christmas present for boys and girls who enormously admire the cop business. One good quality of this RC toy car is that it features a rechargeable battery pack, which means you don’t have to worry about constant battery replacement. Further, the 2.4 GHz technology allows multiple controllers to play within the same radius without interference – a pretty impressive way to promote fun time for your kids and their friends.

Now, it won’t be a police car with the realistic sound of the horn, revving engine, and siren, in addition to the red-and-blue emergency lights. The non-slip rubber wheels allow for a fluid-like maneuver through flat surfaces and concrete floors.