Tips for Starting With Radio Controlled Cars as a Hobby

Radio Controlled Cars, also known as RC cars, have been the most favorite hobby for almost every young boy. For some, this hobby was just a part of their childhood or a few years of teenage, but for others, their passion for this hobby increased as time passed. Boys still have their craze about all these RC cars. They learn all the information about the RC cars, for example, how they work, which is the latest model in the market, which is the best working part of it, etc.

Where most are beginners, some have considered it as their profession. If you are attracted to it but don’t know how all this works, we can help. So, let’s get started.

Guide to RC Cars


Guide to RC Cars

It may seem a little confusing that there is a guide to look for these toy type RC cars, but yes, just like you need a guide to buy other things from the market, you need this one too. Have a look at the guide to buy the best RC car for yourself so that you invest your money in the right thing.

Best RC Cars Brand and Companies

This is the first thing one should look for when buying anything. There are many companies that manufacture the best RC cars. Following are some of the most famous and reliable RC Cars brands:



Traxxas is based in McKinsey, Texas. They make nitro-powered and electric radio-controlled cars as well as on-road and off-road vehicles, boats, and drones. Their RC cars are very fast, high quality, and durable. These RC cars are worth your money as you don’t need to replace broken or worn out parts every time. Parts may need replacement once, but it is very rare with these cars. They can cost you around $300.


These are not expensive cars, so they need spare parts and require a high maintenance level. If you are looking for a cheap car with just moderate quality, you can opt for Exceed RC cars. The cost of these cars start from $90, and you will have to pay extra money for shipping its spare parts.



This brand is not as famous as otherson the list. But yes, they have some high-quality RC cars to offer, and they are as expensive as TRAXXAS. And the parts of these cars don’t need replacement from time to time.


Tamiya is known for its classic RC Cars. This brand has been making high-quality cars for over 30 years. ‘Grasshopper’ is one of their best products. If used in a good way, the parts of these cars can last long enough. Their price starts at $200, and at this price, you can get better cars from other brands. But this price is worth it for their classical low-tech designs.

Different Types of RC Cars You Can Get Today

It is the second step in the guide to RC Cars. The type of car matters a lot. Always look for an RC car that suits your style and personality. Look for what you are comfortable with; only then you can enjoy this hobby to the next level. There are five types of RC cars:

1. Street RC Cars

They are just average streetcars that are the fastest and run best on paved and flat surfaces. These cars aren’t good for backyards. To run your cars in the backyard, you need cars with more power.

2. Drift RC Cars

As the name suggests, these cars have slick tires, so they move best on roads. You can make these RC cars slide around turns. They are just like a fast on-road car. If you want something fast and more than a regular car, these are great to go for. But keep in mind, drifting can be hard and may result in your car getting crashed.

3. Buggy

These cars lie somewhere between off-road and on-road cars. They are really fast on-road cars, but their speed gets slow when it comes to off-road. This is because they have a low wheelbase. Buggies are a really good option for beginners as they are still exploring and don’t know exactly about their type of RC cars.

4. Truggy

Unlike buggies, truggies are more of off-road cars. You can describe them as having the frame of buggy cars and tires of monster trucks. They are the 3rd fastest on-road cars and 2nd slowest off-road cars.

5. Trucks


Trucks are also called monster trucks. They are amazing off-road cars but are not recommended on-road. On the road, they can flip while taking a high-speed turn. That is why they are not best for on roads; they are best for wood and grass drives.

Electric or Nitro – What to Choose?

The next classification in the world of RC cars is whether to go for an electric RC caror a Nitro RC car. Both of them have their pros and cons.

1. Electric RC Cars

Electric RC Cars

Electric remote-controller cars are quite cheaper compared to their Nitro counterparts. However, they are cleaner, require less maintenance, and are better for at-home use or flat surfaces. Overall, these cars have faster acceleration. But they have limited run times, and you have to wait for their batteries to recharge (consider having access to a high capacity power bank as well). They have brushless motors, which are quite expensive.

2. Nitro RC Cars

Nitro-powered RC cars have longer run times. They produce a nice and attractive sound, which is quite pleasing to RC car lovers. But the problem with these cars is that you need to buy gas from time to time, which may also smell bad. These are expensive little cars and way more complex for a beginner.

Electric Motors and Electronic Speed Controllers

RC Cars usually have two different types of motors, i.e., Brushed and Brushless. Every motor has its type of Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC). ESC is important for batteries as without it motor can do nothing, and you cannot drive. Brushed motors are not much expensive, but they are inefficient and do not have much power. On the other hand, brushless motors are fast, powerful, efficient, last longer, but they are high in price.

Brushless motors and ESC do not have any expiration date, and Brushed motors can only last six months or a year. Brushless Motors might be expensive for most, but they are worth their price and are highly recommended by every professional RC car driver.

These are some basic things to look for when buying RC cars. But do look in details, such as Motor Rating, Electric Car Layout, etc. Most RC cars usually come with batteries, but sometimes you have to buy them separately. Check whether the battery is LiPo or Mi-Ho. LiPo batteries are better than Mi-Ho but still look for the one that suits your car. Make sure that the battery has the correct connector.

Buy the Best and Enjoy to Fullest

If you are willing to buy RC cars, do a little research about what type of car you want. For instance, know if you want a family-friendly car or something fast or durable, or some cheap car with less durability. It should be on-road or off-road or something in between both. Do look for such factors and do not forget about the brand. It should be of a well-reputed brand that offershigh-quality parts.

We hope this guide helps you provide more information about RC cars and clear your confusion regarding the best options to use as a hobby.