Tips for Starting Radio Controlled Airplanes as Hobby

Hobbies play a leading role in keeping you fresh and active. Leisure hours are meant to spend productively. Many of you have adopted different hobbies, such as woodcutting, aerodynamics, or others. If you are fond of aerodynamics, you arereading the right guide that is put together to help youout.

You may have heard about radio controlled airplanes. Indeed, they are a great source of fun. But wait, have you learned the tips before adopting Radio Controlled Airplanes as a hobby? Practicing it without having any idea about the tips and tricks is of no fruit as everything needs some training. Being the most exciting hobby, RC airplanes can lead you to spend your time more productively.

Before going to the detailed guide about starting RC airplanes as a hobby, let us have a short overview of Radio Controlled Airplanes.

What Are RC Airplanes?

What Are RC Airplanes

Generally, RC airplanes are thought to be controlled by regular remotes, but the technology is evolving every passing day. For controlling RC airplanes, a hand-held radio transmitter is required. All the governing process is managed by transmitting signals from the remote to the RC plane.

Hence, an RC airplane continuously requires an update from the hand-held radio transmitter, without which the plane is of no use and might hit a tree or any obstacle.

Things You Need to Build Your Set-Up for RC Airplanes

Before starting RC airplanes as a hobby, it is better to keep an eye on the requirements you need to collect to build up the set-up. Without the necessary tools and utensils, you cannot build the RC plane. Following are the most important things you need to catch your hands on for the best set up RC airplanes.

1. A Plane

Can you imagine having an RC set-up without a plane? That is why it comes to the top of the list when you make your mind to adopt RC airplanes as a hobby. If you are into aerodynamics, you may have an idea that airplanes come in a variety. So all you have to do is grab your hands on the right choice of planes.

Most planes that are used in the radio-controlled set-up consistof high wings and sturdy construction. Moreover, they should have easy instructions; thus, the user can feel the convenience of flying such planes. Some planes also come with different parts that need to be assembled. Other than that, ARF combo planes come with all those necessities you will need for your RC controlled airplanes.

2. A Radio

A Radio

The most significant thing you need after selecting the right airplane is the radio. It is the device that will control your airplane. Most airplane holding radios come with different capabilities, but most of them have four or more channel capability. One of the most important things to look for on the radio is the buddy box. It will allow two radio transmitters to connect with it.

3. Tools


You can’t assemble all parts of the RC set-up unless you have the appropriate tools to assemble them. There is no need to collect the bulk of tools if you are working on an RC airplane circuit. But if you are assembling all things separately, you will need T-pins, a modeling/craft knife, fine razors, small screwdrivers, and much more.

Another best option is to buy an RC tool kit. It will have all the necessary tools that are required to assemble/disassemble all the parts.

4. Engine


All vehicles depend on their engine for better movements around the place. So if you haven’t got the right engine for your airplane, it will not fly.

Things to Remember While Adopting an RC Airplane as a Hobby

Do you want to become a trained pilot to fly an RC plane? Following are the best practices that you should considerto become the best pilot of RC airplanes.

1. Pick Up a Plane with a Throw around Style

Can you afford to get a new planeagain and again upon breaking it accidentally? No one can afford it. So the best way is to get a light and low-quality throw around the plane. One of the primary reasons for choosing such a kind of aircraft is ithas high sustainability, is perfect for learning new and unique skills, and lastly,it has a low mass that can help you fly it off more successfully.

So get your hands on a throwaway plane, which you don’t need to mend after practicing for hours. Get yourself a plane which you don’t need to fix again and again after using.

2. Choose a Plane to Crash

No one can ever dare to indulge his new plane into a crash landing. Let us tell you the best way to start your RC airplane hobby. Take out your plane, which is near retirement, and begin to practice with it. We all know that practice makes a man perfect. So, don’t hesitate to crash your plane repeatedly. You will be learning something in every single crash.

And the next time when you fly your brand new RC airplane, you will know what to do to tackle any possible crash.

3. Try to Land Successfully

Landing is one of the crucial parts of aerodynamics. It needs your complete attention and practice. Many factors are responsible for the perfect landing of a plane. Some of these factors include the steady alignment of the wings, the wind speed, and the right moment to land. Without any one of these factors, you can’t land successfully. Don’t mess up yourself when you experience crash landings continuously. Your consistent practice will lead you to experience a perfect landing with perfect timing.

4. Get Some Extra Props

If your plane suffers a crash, don’t lose hope. We have got a solution for this problem too. If you have damaged your aircraft in a crash landing, don’t panic; get yourself props to mend your airplane in the minimal time. Another crucial point to ponder here is to bring all the necessary props and fuselages before flying the aircraft. This will release the tension of the pilot so he can concentrate fully on the flight.

5. Batteries Matter the Most

The engine of the plane you are flying depends upon the battery for its proper functioning. Just imagine falling your plane midway through the flight – itis the biggest nightmare of an RC airplane pilot. Therefore, make sure to have spare battery packs that are compatible with your RC airplane. In simple words, the availability of different batteries can bring more flexibility.

6. Practice with Different Kinds of Aircrafts

Practicing with only one type of aircraft will not give you a bulk of knowledge. You will need a variety of environments with several kinds of planes to know more about RC aerodynamics. Many game centers are now offering video games that guide the children about learning more to fly the aircraft professionally. You can also join one of the game centers to get a firm grip on your hobby of RC airplanes.

Or if you have access to various RC airplanes and a field to fly them, nothing can be better than this.


With a wide range of information, we have tried to conclude all necessary tips which you need to keep in mind while flying your RC plane for the first time. Don’t forget to follow all these tips to bring the best pilot from within you.