What are the Fastest RC Airplanes?

Although RC cars and boats are very popular within the RC hobby scene, there are still a lot of people that prefer RC airplanes, as they often enjoy flying more than driving or sailing. However, one of the reasons why RC planes are not as popular as the other types of RCs is because they are much more difficult to control, so they are usually not beginner-friendly and would require a longer learning curve compared to learning how to control an RC car. But, once you get used to controlling an RC plane, it is more likely that you will enjoy it more than playing with other types of RC vehicles or toys.

When you are already an expert in flying RC planes, you should check out some of the fastest ones that are available in hobby stores and see if you can handle controlling these speedy airplanes. Here is a short list of the fastest RC airplanes that you can check out.

E-flite F-18 Hornet 80mm EDF BNF

One of the fastest RC planes in the world is the E-flite F-18 Hornet EDF BNF, which is designed by E-flite and is based on the F/A-18 Hornet that is conceptualized by McDonnell Douglas and Northrip. This electric ducted fan RC plane has main and nose gear doors, flaps, full-flying stabs, and LED lights that you would usually see on Extra Scale model planes. In order to be fast in the air, the E-flight F-18 Hornet has a V2 12-blade 80mm fan that also produces a turbine-like sound. The RC plane also has a 6S-compatible motor that is also needed in order for it to fly at high speeds.

In order to control the plane with ease without lags, latency, or input errors, the E-flite RC plane has a Spektrum AR636 6-Channel Receiver with 2.4 GHz DSMX technology built in. If you want a fast but steady RC plane to fly or control, we highly recommend that you try out the E-flite F-18 Hornet.

Multiplex FunJet Ultra 2

The Multiplex FunJet Ultra 2 serves as a successor to one of the fastest planes in recent years, the Multiplex FunJet Ultra, which is also the improved and faster version of the original FunJet model airplane. Even though the FunJet Ultra was already the fastest RC plane that Multiplex has produced, they decided to take the FunJet line to the next level by creating a much faster model in the form of the FunJet Ultra 2, which can reach speeds of up to 135 MPH.

The Ultra variant of the FunJet line is built for high speeds, and one of the features that help the Ultra RC plane fly in a more stable manner is the much firmer foam or exterior. Although the firmer foam adds more weight to the RC plane, it can help in better stability since the plane won’t be too light that it can get affected by the wind and have faulty stability. For people that want a more stable RC plane to fly, the best one they can get is the Multiplex FUnJet Ultra 2.

Multiplex FunJet 2

If you want a little more affordable FunJet RC plane, then we recommend that you get the Multiplex FunJet 2, which is a tier below the Ultra 2 but is still quite fast in its own right. The FunJet 2 is considered one of the fastest ELAPOR pusher propeller jets on the market, and it is also one of the best RC planes that you can buy today. Much like the Ultra 2, the FunJet 2 is an upgraded version of the original FunJet RC plane that has a better design and exterior so that it can fly with more stability while still reaching speeds of up to 100 MPH.

The FunJet 2 is a much lighter RC plane compared to the Ultra 2, which makes it suitable for people that want lighter planes so that they don’t really have to fight the plane for control while in the air. While it is quite light, the FunJet 2 still has a little bit of weight for easy handling and better stability. The FunJet 2 is a great entryway for hobbyists that want to try fast RC planes.

E-flite HAVOC XE Sport Jet

propeller of an RC plane

One of the best RC planes in terms of smooth handling and stabilized flight is the E-flite HAVOC XE Sport Jet, which is an 80mm EDF jet model that features a wide performance envelope and versatile speed range. But, the main highlight of the HAVOC XE is its speed, as it can go as fast as 140 MPH, making it one of the fastest right-out-of-the-box RC planes in the world.

The HAVOC XE RC plane comes with a factory-installed 6S-compatible brushless motor and a 100-amp ESC for optimal performance. Moreover, the plane also has a 12-blade 80mm fan that allows it to perform at its best and reach high speeds with ease. If you want to try large EDF jets, the best one for you to fly first is the E-flite HAVOX XE Sport Jet.

Transonic DP Glider

RC glider

As of 2022, the fastest RC plane in the world is the Transonic DP, which was designed by DSKinetic and is specifically created to showcase how fast an RC plane can truly go. With optimal weather conditions and a stable environment to fly on, the Transonic DP can fly at the top speed of 545 MPH, which is more than three times faster than the E-flite HAVOC XE Sport Jet. 

In order to achieve the said top speed, the person that controls the plane or glider must perform a highly advanced technique called dynamic soaring, which is incredibly difficult to master on most RC planes. Unfortunately, the Transonic DP is not yet available to the public, although you will be able to see how it performs through numerous YouTube videos available online. But, there is a high possibility that it will be available for purchase in the future, although you may need to have a big budget to afford this incredibly fast RC plane.

So, these are some of the fastest RC airplanes that have been tested and produced by a few of the best RC plane manufacturers in the world. Check out the reviews and performance tests of these RC planes online so that you will see how fast they can really go in the air.