What Are The Type of RC Planes

RC planes are radio-control flying planes. RC planes have recently become very popular for practicing as a hobby as they are now very affordable and easy to start with. What are RC planes? They are small radio-controlled flying machines are usually operated by an on-ground handheld radio transmitting device. The on-ground transmitting device communicates with the receiver that is present on the craft. It depends on the position of the joystick which receives the signals sent from the craft through the servo mechanism.

There has been an increase in demand for RC aircraft, considered as a hobby since 2000, due to the improvements that are made in the craft. This increase came along with the rise in the prices as well. These RC aircraft are available with improved weight, performance, motor, and electronics. There is now a wide variety also available in style and models.

RC aircraft are not only used by normal people for fun, but Government and military organizations also consider RC aircraft for various tasks and experiments. RC aircraft are used in gathering up weather-related information widely. You must have heard of unnamed aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, are also RC aircraft and they are used by different military organizations for spying purposes.

Types of RC Planes

Once you have decided that you need an RC plane to fly then you must know which type of RC plane you are planning to go with.

Powered Sailplanes

Powered Sailplanes or Gliders are one of the most favorable types of RC planes as they are electrically powered and have a very low amount of power for their flights. The best way to make them have a longer flight is to quickly fly the powered glider upwards at a higher altitude and then descend it as an unpowered glider without consuming engine energy.

They can sustain for about 10 to 20 minutes in a flight. Some Powered Sailplanes can achieve high speeds and advanced aerobatics, while the others are designed in a way that they can circle in hot air pockets that are known as thermals.

The size of the smallest Powered Sailplane ranges between 5 to 4 feet of wingspans. However, they can take effective slides as powered gliders. They have an engine of  0.049 or 50-200 watts motor. They only require a very small radio control equipment as they have small fuselages.

These Powered Sailplanes are also available in different and wider sizes, for example, there are sailplanes available in 2-metre that are 6.3 feet in size. This is the most popular size of these sailplanes and this size is capable of responding to the radio control signals faster than all other larger Powered Sailplanes.

It can be driven at higher altitude easily because it is more invulnerable to rough wind conditions. These 2 meters Powered Sailplane come with a motor of 100 to 200 watts that is a 5 class motor. However, the planes that are having standard size are measured to have about 9 feet Wingspans.

Powered Sailplanes larger than the standard sized measurement are then called, open class gliders because of their large size. However, they require a motor of 200 to 400 watts to take a flight.


It gets easier to learn RC planes if you go for Trainers as they are one of the best sailplanes for practicing purposes. Most of the trainer planes come with gas-powered motors. However, you can get an electric kit for you. They have a motor that requires 100 to 250 watts of power. The size of a trainer’s wingspan is 3-5 feet which is quite average.

Trainers can fly faster than most of the common sailplanes but still, they can be considered slow when it comes to responding to the situation. Trainers work very efficiently if they are placed in any hazardous attitude and they have this ability to recover on their own if they are at high altitude.


These planes are some of the most expensive RC planes because they use ducted fans or microturbines for powering them. Most of the RC airplanes have bodies made with fiberglass or carbon fiber. However, those planes that are electric-powered have electric ducted fans made of styrofoam.

Jets are designed to reach a speed of 320 kilometers per hour. To handle this fast speed these planes require fast reflexes along with costly equipment. This is the reason Jets are usually used by the experts. In countries like the USA, it is restricted to fly this kind of aircraft only in approved sites. Moreover, they can only be operated by certified turbine pilots.

The cost of an average turbine Jet aircraft is between 150 to 10000 dollars. These RC Jets also require electrical power and for that, you can use lithium polymer battery packs of about 8 to 12 volts.

There are a few less complex RC Jet aircraft that only use electric motor ducted fans. These aircraft with Electric Ducted Fans have a comparatively smaller size and can be controlled with some electronic speed controller along with the rechargeable battery.

Sports Planes

Sport planes are the type of aircraft usually used in performing aerobatics. They fly at an altitude that is not used for normal flights. They can perform different types of actions including inside loops, outside loops, Immelmann turns, and inverted flights.

All of these activities require expertise for the performance. There are also intermediate RC maneuvers that cannot be performed by any beginner and are only performed after having considerable practice.

One of the top activities performed in intermediate maneuvers is Stall Turn in which the plane will go upwards then decelerate, the plane will then yaw at 180 degrees under the stall, coming down at the same path and will go up as if it has got hammered on the head.

Park Flyers

They are very small and portable for flying in large public parks easily. Park flyers are electric-powered planes and do not require much practice flying them. Those park flyers which are very small in size are also known as micro planes. These micro planes are very feasible for flying in small areas like a gymnasium.

Micro planes are so portable and small in size that it can also fly in a living room. Due to their small size, they are very easy to set up. Since they are not restricted to the use of advanced pilots only, this is why a lot of beginners go for park flyers.

Best RC Planes to pick from

Below we have listed the two best RC planes that any beginner can enjoy flying.

1. LEAMBE RC Airplane

The LEAMBE RC Airplane is a small airplane with outstanding performance. The plane flies smoothly, reacts nimbly, and can do aerobatics even in windy conditions because of the integrated Xpilot gyro stabilizer system and over-grade strong motor system. long time flying because each battery has a flight time of up to 15 minutes (including 2 batteries). The aircraft’s excellent flying speed is due to its high thrust and power system. This device has a maximum flying distance of 656 feet, allowing you to enjoy the fun of remote control flight.

2. HobbyZone RC Airplane AeroScout S 2 1.1m BNF Basic

This RC plane by hobbyzone is the ideal trainer since it’s extremely durable and comes with exclusive SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, which helps to prevent overcontrol, loss of direction, and crashes, making it possible for almost anyone to learn to fly successfully. It also has three flight modes: Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced, allowing you to select the level of stability and control you require at the flick of a switch.

3. Top Race Rc Plane 3 Channel Remote Control Airplane

This RC plane model was recently upgraded with “propeller saver technology.” Simply put, it has measures in place to save itself from ground damage. The remote control of this plan comes with three flying modes: easy, medium, hard. The radio control distance allows the plane to cross over 320 ft and flies for a total of 12 minutes. These features make this RC plane a great present for advanced boys and RC enthusiasts.

4. E-flite RC Airplane UMX MiG-15 28mm EDF Jet BNF Basic

This RC plane is ready to fly straight out of the box and is a model replica with high-quality outlines and the feel of a legendary jet fighter. Removal landing gear, inducted fan motors, and other fancy features makes it a worthwhile investment.


RC planes come in a variety of designs and sizes, and from all these types of RC planes, you can pick up the best one for yourself and have the time of your life flying your most favorite type. Each type of plane serves a different purpose, so make sure to access your needs first so you can invest your money on the right plane type. Happy flying.