Why Are RC Planes Gaining so Much Popularity?

Whether you saw your friends dabble into the hobby or you saw groups of people online enjoying flying their model airplanes, your interest in taking up the hobby of flying RC planes must be triggered by something. Nevertheless, we’re so glad to know that you are interested in taking up this hobby. In fact, its increasing popularity among all ages seems too big not to ignore.

What makes flying RC planes so popular nowadays? If you want to know the reasons, make sure to read further!

What makes the hobby of flying RC planes more appealing?

It’s a hobby that the whole family can enjoy

Playing and flying RC planes knows no age. It’s a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Flying RC planes are great for Sunday afternoons in the backyard or in the field. You can teach each other how to fly an RC plane while have fun doing it.

It’s a hobby that can make you new friends

Do you care to put your hobby on a challenge? Why not? You see, there is a lot of aerobatics challenges that allow you to showcase your hobby for flying RC planes, as well as to make new friends with like-minded people! There are a lot of competitions that you can join to showcase your sheer talent and make friends with new people. In addition, it’s a hobby that opens opportunities to socialize be it by inviting your relatives or friends.

It’s a hobby that allows you to enjoy the outdoors

Living in a fast-paced lifestyle, we have come accustomed to living on the hustle and bustle of life. We may become so busy that we may overlook our hobbies in life. Flying RC planes can be a way to get rid of stress. This is what makes it unique—you don’t have to exert a lot of energy in order to be successful in it.

How to get started with RC planes

The first thing and probably the most important thing you must realize that an RC plane is not a toy. It is a real aircraft that flies and operates by the same principles as its real-life counterpart. RC planes are not slow aircraft—in fact, they can fly at speeds between 10 and 160 MPH! It’s definitely more than boys playing with toys.

There are actually two choices that you can take to get yourself acquainted with the hobby in the fastest and joyful way. The first one is to involve yourself in a local group or a club of like-minded people. That way, you can learn with beginners and learn from the experts. The second option is to buy a good trainer aircraft.

You will need the following materials:

The plane

Obviously, this is the heart of the hobby. You should go for a model that is specifically developed for training the new pilot. RC planes that are for training usually have a high wing, uncomplicated yet sturdy construction, laid-out plans and instructions, and should be easy to manipulate.

Another factor you should consider when choosing your first plane is the number of control functions or channels. Trainer aircraft usually have three channels and four configurations. On the other hand, most aircraft have four channels. Ask your local instructor to see which type of model best fits your needs.

The radio

To be able to control your RC plane, you will need a radio. You should look for the “buddy box” capability. This is where two radio transmitters may be connected through a cable, wherein the student holds one and then the instructor holds the other one.

The engine

Your plane would not obviously operate without an engine. The most common type of engine is the glow engine.

Tools and adhesives

When you are completing a model kit or trying to fix a defect, you will need certain tools to help you assemble your RC plane. A few of the most common tools include the hobby knife, t-pins, a tiny razor plane, razor saw, and pliers.

On the other hand, adhesives such as cyanoacrylate are important to keep your model in-tact. Another type of adhesive called Epoxy can also be used to glue foam parts without destroying the Styrofoam.