Best Tools for Making Model Trains

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced railway modeller, getting the best tools is essential for building your dream train set. From the smallest to the largest items, all these have specific uses that can make the job easier. What’s great is that you may even have some of the equipment in your home toolkit, saving you much on the cost when working on model railway products. To help you out, here’s a rundown of some of the best tools for making model trains! Meanwhile, you can also check out the link if you are looking for an experienced private investigator who can help you resolve a case.

Modelling Light

Often overlooked but having a modelling light makes modelling tasks pretty easier. It helps clear out shadows and glare and increase visibility when working, especially when handling small items. Plus, you also get to reduce eye strain that can affect your vision in the long run. Thus, ensuring that you get to have more modelling sessions in the future.

Craft Knife 

A craft knife will be one of the most used tools when doing railway modelling. You will utilize it in almost any task, from the actual model to the scenery and electrical works. It helps you cut small and fragile materials with high precision and decreasing potential damage. It will be handy, so make sure to invest in a high-quality one, and you’ll undoubtedly won’t regret paying the extra money.


While mainly used for measurements, rulers are also an excellent tool in helping you create straight cuts. Purchase metal ones as they are more durables, and get rulers of different sizes to choose from them depending on the task at hand. However, if you’re going to deal with curved surfaces, getting small flexible rulers can do wonders in operation.



Are you having issues using your fingers in picking up the smallest parts or decals? Tweezers will save your day. They come in various sizes, either in rugged or smooth ends, to get into the hardest-to-reach areas and hold onto the tiniest items that your fingers can’t.

Pin Vice

Drilling is an inevitable part of any railway model project. A pin vice allows you to carry out small yet high-precision drilling tasks. It is capable of holding the smallest drill bits with impressive control without damaging the material. However, if you need to undertake more significant and more frequent projects, investing in electric power drills can save you a lot of time and effort.

Digital Calipers

Digital Calipers are a precision instrument that measures internal and external distances with impressive accuracy. For instance, you need to utilize a metal rod for your model. A digital caliper can take the width, both inside and outside. Thus, the resulting reading allows you, for instance, find which drill will suit it. What’s great is that digital calipers are now available in various styles, varying sizes, and different units of measurements. That way, you can pick one that is only functional for you but is also comfortable to use.


Pliers also come in a great variety, from rail-cutting pliers to needlenose pliers, spike removal pliers, and insertion pliers, to name a few. All of which have each specific use, but in general, they are your great ally in holding, gripping, and or cutting pieces of materials. As such, a good set of various pliers is vital for railway modeling and your models’ maintenance.


Glue Gun

A glue gun is another versatile ally for railway modelling enthusiasts. No surprise, as this tool is useful for repairing tracks, creating DIY items for added sceneries, and in building kits. Plus, it is easy and convenient to use, making it easier to work on any project. While the tool looks simple, there are ones available that offer a few features, such as non-drip ends, faster heat-up time, and dual-temperature control glue guns. Again, don’t hesitate to spend extra money. Rest assured that you’ll relish the added benefits it comes with.

Soldering Equipment

Though glue guns are handing in sticking particular material together, your wire connections require a separate tool should the need arises. Purchase soldering equipment, which generally comprises the soldering iron and solder. Additionally, you can also get a holder and a tip cleaner with brass wire to keep the iron’s tip from debris or damage that affects the tool’s efficiency and soldering capability.

Woodworking Equipment

Woodworking is another vital skill in railway modeling. You need it when you want to build the baseboard, create the wooden tracks, and make the model’s structures. Though it is a rigorous task, assembling the right woodworking tools will help you achieve any cut with a breeze, These types of equipment include a fine razor saw for clean straight cuts, a cutting matt where you can work with ease, and a benchtop planer if you want to get faster, easier, smoother, and more accurate cuts.


When it comes to electrical works, a multimeter can perform various checks related to voltage, resistance, and continuity of the electrical circuits and components. Using a multimeter, you can easily spot any hot wire, bad switch, and test cords, wires, and connections repair them as needed to ensure that your system keeps running smoothly.


Paintbrush or Airbrush

If you’re an average modeller, having a range of good quality paintbrushes can suffice in giving your model a decent finish. Just make the brush’s shape is firm, as you’d surely don’t want a brush whose ends or form falters and can significantly affect the way you paint your model. However, if you’re going to get an excellent finish instead, getting an airbrush is the solution. It is highly versatile compared to simple paintbrushes and can be used on different types of media, from primers, varnishes, to paints. With an airbrush, you can quickly go over small items evenly and quickly, without the effort needed in brushwork.


Those are some of the essential tools for making

Those are some of the best tools and equipment you need for railway modelling. As you spend more time, you’ll undoubtedly hone your skills and learn more about these how to maximize these tools for an efficient and more enjoyable hobby. Happy railway modeling!