What Are RC Trainer Planes?

Adopting a hobby is one of the most fruitful things you can add to your daily routine. But what do you think about choosing RC trainer planes as a hobby? They sound perfect. If you’re thinking of joining aerodynamics or aiming to become a pilot in the future, RC planes will teach you the ins and outs of aircraft.

If you’ve tried flying planes in your childhood, you may have an idea about how much fun it is. But don’t try to fly RC trainer planes without any practice. They are quite different from the usual remote-controlled airplanes. For this reason, many manufacturers have introduced RC trainer airplanes to let people know about the field of radio-controlled aerodynamics.

Without any further ado,let’s talk about what RC trainer planes are.

RC Trainer Planes – A Short Overview


Radio-controlled airplanes have always been fun for all of us. But RC trainer planes are designed to enable people to learn more about flying aircraft most efficiently. RC trainer plane is the first step on the ladder in the field of airplanes. All the methods by which you can control RC planes are designed to give you a brief about experiencing horizons of flying.

They offer maximum controllability and stability to the users. This quality of the RC trainer planes has made it easy for the users to get a perfect grip on controlling the RC plane. You can’t fly an aircraft without knowing the tips and tricks for doing so. That is why RC planes are now made available in the market. They are mostly used by trainers who are aiming to train beginners in the field of aviation.

RC Trainer Planes – Alternatives of Drones

RC Trainer Planes – Alternatives of Drones

RC trainer planes and drones belong to the same family of aircraft. If you want to take a perfect shot of a particular area from a certain height, stick your camera to the top of an RC plane. Otherwise, you can use RC helicopters to do so. The main difference between an RC trainer plane or helicopter and a drone is the number of rotors.

Which Type of Wings Suit RC Trainer Planes?

We have discussed already that RC trainer planes are mainly designed to make the flyers stable. But the stability of the RC trainer plane depends on the type of wings it has. There are many types of branches that are available in the models of RC trainer planes. Some of these types are discussed below.

High Wings

It is believed that the RC trainer plane has high wings. The weight of the fuselage of the aircraft lies below the wing. This fantastic quality of high branches is that it acts well in maintaining the stability of the plane. Moreover, you don’t have to stabilize the aircraft yourself. It will become steady after a few seconds in the air.

Low Wings

Low wings are generally opposed to high wings. With these wings, the RC trainer aircraft is considered quite heavy because the whole weight of the plane’s body lies above the wings. These types of planes aren’t much stable as they don’t maintain their balance automatically. The flyers have to learn about stabilizing them. The majority of the RC trainer planes are low winged planes because they train beginners to stabilize a plane.

Mid Wings

Another common type of wings that is available in RC trainer planes is the mid wings. In these types of RC trainer planes, the wings lie midway top and below the fuselage. These planes provide a perfect combination of stability and variability of motion depending on the type of conditions. Thus these planes are suitable for those who have known some basics of RC aerodynamics.

A Comprehensive Guide for Buying RC Trainer Planes

Whenever you are out to buy something, there are certain factors which need to be considered. Similarly, when you aim to buy an RC trainer plane, you need to consider many factors. Otherwise, you are going to lose your money.

An RC plane without a perfect wing type, power, design, battery timing, and radio controller is nothing. So if your aircraft is devoid of such qualities, there is no benefitin spending your time practicing flying with it.

Without further ado, let us jump onto the list of factors that are a must in RC trainer planes.


There are many sources to power your RC trainer planes. Therefore, the type of power source you use matters the most when it comes to powering your aircraft. Electric motors and engines are considered as the two significant sources to provide power to remote-controlled planes. No doubt, each power source has its features.

If you are a beginner, we suggest yougo with the electric motors as the power source for your RC aircraft. Not only are they cheap but also very convenient to fly. Another fantastic fact to talk about these types of RC trainer planes is that you can fly them in public areas. The reason? They don’t make much noise. But if you are buying an engine controlled RC trainers, all you have to do is fly them in open areas away from the public because they cause a lot of noise.

Design of the Aircraft

Don’t you want your aircraft to look great besides giving you the chance to become a professional flyer? Everyone else does! So the other most crucial factor to keep in mind is the design of the aircraft. Go for those designs which not only look good but are also stable. There are many models out there on the market which perform the best in giving you a stable flight. Among those models, long-winged RC aircraft are the best to buy.

Spare Parts

Damaging your aircraft right after getting it from the market can be one of the worst feelings. But you can resolve this problem by grabbing your hands on the planes whose spare parts are readily available in the market. RC trainer planes are most prone to crashes as beginners mostly use them. So the best way to deal with such incidents is to get an aircraft that comes with the spare parts and is readily available in the market. You can make it new by buying those aircraft.


You should bear in mind that RC trainer planes can be controlled by more than one channel by a flyer. But if you are learning to fly an RC trainer plane, it is better to buy a plane with single tracks because they are easy to control. Moreover, the one-channeled RC planes are perfect for short time flights.

RC Trainer Planes – A Great Way to Learn Aerodynamics

RC trainer planes are doubtlessly the best choice if you’re aiming to be a pilot in the future. Before starting your professional life, it is better to train your mind and body with the RC trainer planes. You will have better knowledge about aerodynamics and how each part of an aircraft works.