Top 5 Airplane Model Kits

Whether you are diving into a new world of arts and crafts, looking for a new hobby, or an exciting gift for a friend or your child, an airplane model kit would instantly put a smile on you or their faces. There is something so therapeutic about assembling little pieces and gears, figuring out how things work to create an airplane model that you can flaunt and place on your shelf like a trophy. If you want to know what are the top airplane model kits for you, make sure to read further!

Getting started with airplane model kits

Before buying an airplane model kit, first, just like any other thing you are unfamiliar with, it’s best to know the ins and outs of how these models work. It is best to familiarize yourself with the tools and equipment that you will be getting your hands onto. Knowing the basics of airplane model kits usually make the assembling process easy, so here’s a quick rundown of the tools that one must need in order to create an airplane model:

  • Decal Tweezers
  • Model cement
  • Clothespins
  • Needle files
  • Paint set and primer
  • X-acto Knife
  • Sprue cutter
  • Airbrush for painting
  • Glue
  • Assorted sandpaper

Keep in mind that you may not need all of these items to create an airplane model. However, if you are going to commit yourself to the hobby, it is best to have them all.

Why should you pick the perfect model?

Choosing the perfect model can be tricky for someone who is fairly new to the world of airplane model kits. There are model kits that are designed for advanced users, and yet there are those that are made much simpler for beginners. If you are new to assembling an airplane model, make sure to buy those that are not too complex, as it may only frustrate and perplex you.

There are a lot of options in the market, so choosing the right one can be challenging. In this article, we will help you find the right match for you.

1. Revell Stuka Ju 87G-1 Tank Buster Plastic Model Kit

Best for: Beginners

If anything, this airplane model kit is the most beginner-friendly of all. This may be an older model, but it’s a great first step inside the world of model kits. It possesses the character that you are looking for in an ideal airplane model, and it comes with parts that are challenging enough for beginners. The instructions are well-laid out too, so you won’t be getting lost in the track for sure.

2. Revell B17G Flying Fortress

Best for: Beginners and Intermediate hobbyists

If you are into warplanes and military aircraft, this is the perfect airplane model kit for you. Compared to others, this is relatively large in size. It possesses 148 pieces, which will take you 4 to 5 hours to accomplish everything. It comes with a detailed bomb bay to assemble on the side. You may be required to trim some pieces too, so make sure you have the right tools for this airplane model kit.

3. Revell Messerschmitt BF 109G-10

Best for: Beginners

This model was designed for a German aircraft built back in 1937. It was widely produced and used during World War 2, which is why it has a lot of historical and cultural values added to it. If you are into military aircraft, you should not miss this one! Decals are included inside the model kit along with instruments, spinner spirals, and stencils for detailing and painting. This model kit only takes an hour or less to complete!

4. Tamiya P-51 Mustang

Best for: Beginners and those who love working with tiny details

The number of details will surely excite those who love working with little pieces! This Tamiya P-51 Mustang needs hard work and commitment to complete. However, do not be too intimidated by the number of details—it comes with instructions, a decal sheet, a detailed booklet, and a large detail sheet to help you put the pieces all together!

5. Daron Skymarks SKR 715 American 777

Best for: Beginners

Inspired by the spacious airplane that can fit 777 passengers, this aircraft model was first produced by Boeing in 1995 and the last manufactured plane of the same model happened last 2006. Most parts are made of premium plastic, while metallic components can also be found inside the kit.