Tips for Getting Your Child Started with RC as a Hobby

The RC hobby has been growing in recent years, and it is not just a hobby that only kids can enjoy because adults have started to transform the hobby into something complex and versatile. Gone were the days when only simple RC cars could be bought in toy stores, as there are now customizable ones that are more suitable for adults that want to tinker with various parts and mechanics of the RC vehicles.

However, at its core, the RC hobby is still very enjoyable for kids, and there are still a lot of RC car models that are designed and produced for them. Getting kids into the RC hobby today can be quite difficult, as there are already tons of gadgets that they would rather play with instead of an RC car. But, there are certain tricks and tips that you can follow to make your children interested in RC vehicles. Here are the tips for getting your child started with RC as a Hobby.

Buy the Best RC Car for Beginners

In order to make it easier for a child to play with an RC car, you will need to get the best one that is made from high-quality parts and materials so that it would have better and smoother handling or controls. If you buy a below-average RC car from the toy store, it would just make your child immediately lose interest in the hobby, as the car would have terrible controls, and it may not even work sometimes.

So, one of the effective ways to get your child into the hobby is to actually give him or her a great and high-quality RC car. Of course, you also have to take note of the price range for these beginner-friendly RC cars, as some may be too expensive for kids to play with. Pick the one that is still high-quality but relatively affordable. You can find these affordable but great RC cars by checking reviews online.

Let the Child Watch RC Racing Videos

Since most children would often watch YouTube videos on their iPads or tablets, you should let your child watch RC racing videos and see if he or she can develop a passion for it. A lot of RC racing videos on YouTube are pretty fun to watch, especially when the races get exciting because two or more cars are just close to each other during the final lap or near the finish line. 

The excitement could eventually inspire the child to try RC racing, which would then make it much easier for you to slowly make it his or her hobby as well. So, use the gadgets these children use most of the time and let your child watch RC racing videos to develop interest.

Allow the Child to Pick an RC Car

RC sports car

If the child already has an interest in the RC hobby but has never tried an RC car before, you should let him or her choose an RC car that he or she likes in the toy store. So, if you have free time, you should take your children to a toy store and just let them pick the RC car that resonates with them, which could often occur when the car has their favorite color or favorite cartoon character found on the exterior of the toy.

Buying an RC car for them may often not be ideal, as they may not like the colors or the overall appearance of the RC car once they actually see and touch the vehicle. But sometimes, buying an RC car for them will also work, so the first tip we have provided above is still applicable for some children. If the RC car you bought for the child wasn’t appreciated, you have the chance to customize the RC car based on the child’s favorite colors if you have the knack for making custom RC cars.

Guide the Child in Controlling the RC Car

Once you have an RC car for your child, you should then guide him or her on how to properly control an RC car. At the start, controlling an RC car can be quite difficult, especially for children that may struggle with hand-to-eye coordination. But, with proper tutoring or guidance, the child will eventually learn how to control the RC car with ease.

You can start the tutorial by showing first how you control the RC car, as many children would often have an easier time learning something by copying the movements of another person. So, show how the controller of the RC car works, and the child will soon memorize the patterns or movements associated with various buttons, wheels, and thumb sticks on the controller. Be patient in teaching your child RC controls and always make the learning experience fun for him or her.

Take the Child to an RC Track or Race Course

RC buggy

If you want your child to have even more fun in the RC hobby, you should take him or her to an RC track or race course, which is where most of the dedicated RC hobbyists are found. While watching RC racing videos on YouTube is quite fun, there is nothing that beats actually watching an RC race on an RC track or race course.

There are many different types of RC races and activities that you can watch with your child, although some of the most exciting RC races are the ones that are done on uneven, rocky, and muddy terrain. Off-road RC racing is quite exciting to watch, as you sometimes don’t know what to expect in the races, particularly when RC monster trucks are involved.

And these are the most basic tips we can offer to get your child started and interested in the RC hobby. Getting a child into a new hobby can be very difficult at first, but with patience and proper guidance, the child will slowly be able to appreciate whatever hobbies you are into, as he or she will see how passionate you are about those hobbies.