The Importance Of Picking The Right Glue for Building Models

When it comes to picking the right glue for building models, then there are a lot of options that you can use. Every type of glue is having a different kind of function and holds the specific material for a certain time. Some glues dry quickly and are odorless or having low odor. Some are applied with a pin, brush, or sprayed just like painting the scale models. Also, they provide a quick set when applied and you don’t have to wait for hours. 

Glue is found in every home and but it is used by professional scale model builders or in various industries. At home, you might have it to glue the paper or crafts. But on the other hand, the glue used in professional terms is for holding the materials and elements in one place. Picking the right glue for the right type of material for your scale modeling is one of the essential tips. 

The Importance Of Picking The Right Glue for Building Models

Craft or White Glue 

Craft or White Glue 

This type of glue is common and mostly found in homes and schools around the world. It is the perfect adhesive to use with all porous materials such as paper or cardboard. The toxicity of this glow is very low and it is water-based. Hence, you can use it while building a model with kids. Also, it is easy to clean up the spilled glue from the workplace or even your skin. 

This craft or white glue can take up to 1 hour to dry. It means you can use it if you have enough time to build a scale model

Hot Glue 

Hot Glue

Using a hot glue gun for your projects is all the rage these days. Most Facebook users are fed up with hot glue posts that seem to invade their threads. However, using hot glue can help you to create amazing decorative items. 

The term hot glue is used for an adhesive that comes in the form of a strong stuck that must be heated before use. When it is heated, it melts and looks like a normal liquid glue. The hot glue is supplied on a transparent stick and placed in the glue gun

The hot glue gun looks like it needs to be of limited use, especially have the power to operate the gun. On the other hand, there are cordless hot glue guns that make them portable. 

The hot glue sticks are purchased in various sizes depending on the needs of the user. When the glue cools, it solidifies and holds the objects together. It can be applied to every suitable material except for metal. The three properties you should be looking for building a model are:

  • High tensile strength 
  • Dries and hardens quickly 
  • Easy to use

Super Glue 

The name super glue is derived from the exceptional quick bonding properties. It makes it the perfect choice for those who want to bond heavy materials. It means that if you are using heavy materials for building a scale model, then you can use super glue. It can be used for the materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, glass, etc. These materials are difficult to assemble and they can be used for the leather material too. 

Super glues are known as Cyanoacrylate adhesives. It is a chemical compound well known for its fast-bonding properties. Also, it forms a durable and strong bond that will last longer. Also, it helps you to clean and dry finish the scale model. Various adhesives include cyanoacrylate as the primary sizing agent but the formation can be different from one another because of the specific application. 

On the other hand, super glue is an extremely versatile product and effective n repairing the broken parts of scale modeling. Also, it can be used for households to repair them. When you use superglue, you have to be careful because the quick-drying can cause problems while assembling the materials. Also, the glue should not stick your fingers together. 

Epoxy Glue 

It is a type of glue created from a chemical compound called epoxy. The epoxy adhesives are having various compositions that can make them suitable for a variety of applications such as small home repairs or bonding the items in a rugged outdoor location. Epoxies are of great value because of their exceptional bond strength. This comes from the ability to fill small surface defects in objects to be assembled. 

Most of the epoxy adhesives come in 2 separate containers but they are sold as one unit. One container holds the hardener, while the other container holds the resin. Epoxy glues are intended for multiple uses and are best for building models of different materials. It can be used on wood, plastic, marble, or any other material. 

Wood Glue

Wood Glue

As for the term wood glue, it includes all kinds of adhesives mainly used to join pieces of wood or wood surfaces. These can include different types of wood glue such as polyurethane glue, leather glue, epoxy, etc. Wood glue is usually used for the manufacturing of headboards, tables, chairs, wooden frames, wardrobes, and many other wooden objects. 

If you are building a model of wood, then you can use wood glue as it is a great adhesive for wooden surfaces. There are various types of wood glues for different conditions. No matter what type of wood glue you use, the wood glue should be having the following characteristics. 

  • It must have a high tensile strength
  • It must be resistant to moisture, dampness, and humidity
  • It is having an excellent gap-filling ability. It means it should form a thin layer without leaving gaps between wood surfaces. 

Spray Glue 

Spray glue is used for a variety of applications but it is best suited for large areas. It is a durable and strong adhesive that you can use for your scale models. The major properties of spray glue can vary depending on the material to which it is applied. 

With spray glue at home, you can repair anything. Also, you can use it in the workplace or for everyday crafts. All you have to do is to spray it on the surface you want to hold together. You can form a thin layer of adhesive and hold them together for a longer time. 

If you are building a model of huge size, then you can use a spray gun that will minimize your effort. Instead of applying glue with a needle or brush, you can simply spray it. 

Polyurethane Glue 

Polyurethane is an essential ingredient that is used in many types of adhesives. You can purchase polyurethane glue marketed under other names. Also, the polyurethane glue reviews will help you to decide which type of polyurethane glue will be best for your project. 

Just like Epoxy, you can purchase polyurethane in 1 or 2 component forms. This type of glue is having high tensile strength and is of marine grade. It means it is completely waterproof when applied. You can use it on different materials such as aluminum, steel, concrete, and other types of materials that last longer. 

If you are looking for the perfect glue for your scale models, then polyurethane glue is the answer and best choice. 

Building Models – Different Adhesive Options

Glue is not only an adhesive that holds two pieces together but also acts as a waterproof agent. If you are building a model boat, you can use glue to make it waterproof. Different types of glues apply to various types of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, steel, aluminum, etc. Model building is a hobby that typically requires multiple supplies to assemble the materials. 

Some of the earliest model glues were extremely toxic, especially for your skin. Now they are not as hazardous as they used to be. Still, if you are using different types of glues for building a model with your kids, then you should be careful.