How to Transport Your Scale Model

Isn’t it great to put your scale models on display? Every time you see your finished work, it gives you an excellent feeling of satisfaction, especially if you bring your family and friends home to see your achievement. However, there are times that you need to move to other places due to different reasons. And moving to another place would also require you to transport your scale model. 

Transporting your scale model is not an easy task; moving your scale model makes it prone to damages and disfiguration. Just like when you were building it, you have to be extra careful when moving the pieces; one wrong move could cause damages to your work. Thankfully, there are different steps that you can take to help you in transporting your scale model easier and safer. That is why in this article, we are going to look into the different steps on how to transport your scale model. 

Create an Inventory List

If you are planning to transport your scale model, the first thing that you need to consider is to create an inventory of all the items you have. Your inventory list should include a detailed list of your model pieces; this consists of the quantity and appearance. Taking pictures of your model pieces is a great practice to make sure you won’t lose anything. Having photos of your scale model could help you in some unwanted situations, such as theft or damages, which are all possible when transporting items via courier. Creating an inventory list of all your items could significantly help in organizing and packaging. 

Clean Your Scale Models

Before putting your scale model pieces inside packaging boxes, make sure you clean them first. Whether you are transporting your scale model to near or far places, you should always be mindful of cleaning them first. Not cleaning your model kit pieces before packaging them could lead to rust and damages. Small debris could damage the paint job, especially if placed inside the box for a long time. That is why it is important to clean your scale model before transporting it to prevent such damages. 

Use Separate Containers for Packaging

When you are transporting items, it always best to look for more affordable options, especially if you are on a budget. Because of this, you might come to think of placing your scale models in a single container when transporting. While this could help you save time, effort, and money, placing all of your model pieces inside one container could lead to damages. You need to consider the size and quantity of your model pieces before deciding how many packaging containers you should use. Using separate containers could avoid damages in the future. 

Create Labels

Another excellent practice when it comes to transporting your scale model is to create labels. Creating labels for your packages could help save you time and effort in organizing your items. Having different scale model pieces could be confusing to organize. Even if you use separate containers, it could be challenging to arrange small pieces of your scale model since they are prone to get misplaced if not packed properly. The best way to avoid this is to create labels for each box, indicating the names and particulars of the items contained inside. Putting labels on your package containers allows you to find your scale model pieces a lot easier. 

Ship Your Items

Lastly, once you have already taken care of organizing, packaging, and labeling your items, you should now work on shipping them out. Choosing the best courier to ship your items is vital when it comes to transporting your scale model. There are several options for you to ship your items; just like transporting any other product, you would need to use various types of vehicles to get the job done. Different companies offer shipping services, and choosing the best one for your scale model depends on various factors, mainly your budget. If you are looking forward to transporting your scale model at a lower price, you could always consider shipping them yourself, especially if you have a car.