Why We Should Consider Building Scale Models

Scale modeling has been used in various fields, from architecture, engineering, military, filmmakers, and salesmanship, each with a specific purpose but proved to be functional in getting particular tasks quickly done. Not only is it popular in the given aspects, but many people have also dedicated their lives to scale modeling, treating it as their hobby for many years.

However, have you ever wondered what drew those people into scale modeling? What are the advantages of devoting effort and time to this activity? To help out, we’ve collated some of the best reasons why everyone should resort to building scale models, be it from planes to RC cars, bikes, and icons, that would entice work to work on your next project!

Scale modeling helps you develop your skills

Whatever size and type of scale model you choose to do, the process will involve many activities, from planning to cutting, drilling, molding, sculpting, painting, and detailing. Chances are you’re not as equally skilled in all these areas. Maybe you’re better than detailing but still honing your precision when it comes to cutting. Don’t fret, as all people have their strength. What’s important is that by doing scale modeling, you learn new things, improve your weaknesses and further enhance the skills you’re good at as you go on every project.

Scale modeling allows you to spend time with your loved ones

While technology has bestowed us many innovations that make life easier today, it somehow took over on us, disconnecting us from our families, and gluing everyone instead to our computer, smartphone, or tablet screens. By doing scale modeling and inviting your family members, especially your kids, you get to spend quality time with them, work together hand-in-hand to finish the project. Not only that, as you also get to hone their valuable skills while deepening your relationship.

Scale modeling is a stress-reliever

Stress is part of our lives, but no one says we can’t deviate from it from time to time. Scale modeling serves as an excellent way to relieve stress. Our brain loves to work and relishes activities that involve movement. Like in other hobbies and interests, like playing music, basketballs, or doing art and crafts, you get to activate your brain positively plus clear your mind of the factor triggering your stress. The same way works when you are building RC cars or airplanes model. It serves as a refuge, allowing you to just focus on the task at hand.

Scale modeling gives a sense of fulfillment

Another benefit of doing scale modeling is that it provides a sense of achievement. All projects, especially larger ones, require immense time and effort, and it is very fulfilling to see how your model goes from scratch to its completion. Moreover, every model you add to your collection will boost your self-esteem to build more models and have them as your personal trophies – proof of all your hard work and patience.

Scale modeling helps you showcase your artistry

Scale modeling is an art itself. You get to make different shapes and forms, paint, illustrate, and design your models. Though there are instructions to follow, it’s never prohibited to add your personal touch with your models along the way. Guides are there to give a sense of direction, but once you’re finished learning down the ropes, go on and showcase your artistry in your works.

Scale modeling brings you to the past

As a scale modeler, you’re only not there to build scale models. Surprisingly, there’s an educational factor when you engage in this hobby. For instance, if you work on an airplane or ship, you must research its model, origins, and history. If an icon piques your interest, you’ll most likely delve into his or her personality and life deeper and know more about the person. Through that, you learn new little things about the background of whatever you choose to build, not only exercising your body but also engaging your mind.

Scale modeling allows you to connect with other people

Many people are into scale modeling, from different ages, professions, and nationalities. You can join online groups or clubs in your community with individuals who are also into this hobby. Get the chance to join meet-ups, gatherings, and conventions and meet new friends who share the same passion as yours.


That’s the rundown of the benefits you can get out of building scale models. If you haven’t yet, we hope something inspired you to start engaging in this activity – don’t worry, as you’ll undoubtedly get rewarded.