What Equipment Do You Need When Making A Model Kit

Model kits are indeed a fun and exciting hobby that you can do with your kids. If you plan to build fascinating scale models, such as the UGears Research Vessel or just a simple model train, working on model kits is a great hobby you should consider. Creating model kits is a great way to reduce stress and improve creativity, which also gives you the opportunity to socialize by putting it up for display for guests. Working on model kits has a lot of benefits, making it an ideal hobby both for kids and adults.

Just like any other hobby, working on model kits also requires you to use different types of tools. Each of these tools serves a specific purpose in creating your model kit. Familiarizing yourself with these tools would significantly improve your model kit crafting skills. Working on model kits offers endless possibilities; with the right equipment and skill, you can work on any design. In this article, we are going to look into the different tools you need when making a model kit.

Hobby Knife

The first thing you need to have when working on model kits is a hobby knife. Hobby knives are your best friend when it comes to crafting model kits; it allows you to cut your wood or plastic into the desired shape. The best thing about a hobby knife is that it offers the precision lacking in other types of knives. Using a hobby knife in your model kit offers an easier, smoother, and more complex cutting experience. If you plan to work on model kits, buying a decent hobby knife should be included in your top priority. Investing in a good-quality knife is a great way to make your job a lot simpler.


Since working on model kits require you to work on small pieces of plastic or wood, using a nice pair of tweezers would be an excellent help. Using tweezers to pick up small pieces is a lot easier compared to using your fingers. In addition to this, you can use tweezers to glue a small piece of wood or plastic into its place; this could prevent the mess when using your bare hands, as well as helps in placing them accurately.


As mentioned earlier, using glue is an important part of model kits. In order to bond the pieces of your model kit, glue is one of the most common products you could use. When working on model kits, be mindful that you could use different types of glue that you could use, which depend on the material you have: wood glue works best on wood, while there are some that work well with plastic. Furthermore, other types of glue have a debonding feature, which allows the user to debond any cured adhesive. Using the right type of glue in your project would help in having a beautiful and durable model kit.

Paint Set

Not all model kits are the same; there are some kits that are already painted or at least come with stickers. However, there are other models that you would need to paint manually. That is why having a paint set is essential if you plan to work on model kits. A set usually comes in a can of paint, along with a variety of brushes. In addition to this, other scale modelers use spray paints to have a more even and solid coating. Whichever tool you prefer, choosing the right paint for your material is important to ensure the quality of your work.


Most of us probably already know the purpose of sandpaper. Using sandpaper allows us to remove the rough edges of the wood. If you are working on a model kit, make sure always to use sandpaper to smoothen your material; being mindful of this practice would improve the overall appearance of your work. Just like other crafting tools, sandpapers also have various types that have different specialties. Use this tool to clean the parts of your model kit, which makes it easier to glue together.