Ideas For Building Star Trek Model Ships

Imagine one of your favorite Star Trek ships sitting in a sweet spot in your room in all its glory. You look at it every single day as you enter and leave your room, you show it to all your Trekkie friends, it is the highlight of your day and the pride of your room. 

Feels great, doesn’t it? Well, then you better start creating one for yourself because we are here to tell you that you can!

If you’re a true fan who appreciates the grandness of the Star Trek universe, you must have probably watched every show’s every episode, and every movie at least 10 times. But what distinguishes you from an insanely dedicated and devoted Trekkie? 

What sets you apart as the ultimate Trekkie is your drive to participate in Star Trek-related events and conventions, your enthusiasm to dress up as your favorite Star Trek characters, and above all, your desire to possess Star Trek games and Star Trek collectibles, mainly, the majestic ships!

The hype for Star Trek ships stems not just from the fact that these are actually too cool, but also from the designs of these ships that push the boundaries of innovation and creativity and challenge the idea of design in itself. Be it a huge cube or sleek versions of the USS Enterprise model, the Star Trek universe knows its ships and what will please its fans.

So, in the spirit of the Star Trek Universe, here are some tips and ideas and how to get you started on creating your favorite Star Trek ship. 

Some Star Trek Ships for Inspiration 

Whether you’re a Trekkie or a non-Trekkies who likes to collect models of ships, boats, cars, etc., knowing the details of your ship before you get to creating it is very important for all.

Borg Cube

This ship made its first appearance in the movie Star Trek: The Next Generation. This massive and terrifying-looking ship was a tough one to beat and destroyed many other starships in various battles. However, despite its extremely cool structure and systems that make the ship quite deadly, it can be one of the easiest to create. 

Borg is essentially a giant cube with barely any internal structure. However, there are external details that require work. 

The Borg’s exterior design is an intricate pattern of perpendicular and diagonal grids. Moreover, what makes the essence of this deadly ship is the green light that travels across its surface. 

Whale Probe

This Ship was featured in the ‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’ movie and wreaked a lot of havoc on Earth. Not only did it send an impossible to interpret signal, but also destroyed many ships and power grids while also creating a storm so big it swept across the entire planet!

The whale probe is another easy to create starship (despite its destructive capabilities). The structure of this ship consists of a glowing cylindrical shape that is connected to a detachable sphere at the front. It can surely be a cool addition to your Star Trek collectibles especially if you can get it to glow!

USS Enterprise Star Trek model

USS Enterprise Star Trek model

Featuring in a number of different Star Trek shows and movies, this particular starship comes in various versions, each with its own unique set of cool features. In one of its versions, this starship is capable of taking on the undefeatable Borg. In another, it has extraordinary speed, while in other versions it can travel underwater or travel vast distances beyond many star systems. 

The USS Enterprise Star Trek model can be a complicated ship to make, especially considering its various versions. It has a structure of a giant saucer with an extension towards the front connected to two torpedoes via a bridge. Moreover, this ship also has various interior elements as well as intricate designs on its exterior. 

3 Different Ways Of Creating Your Starship

Before you start working on your starship model, there are a few basic things you will require: 3D modelling software, printer (in certain cases a 3D printer), model templates, tools such as screwdrivers, glues, and above all the will, dedication, and determination to go through with the process. 

The Model Kit

If you wish to create a starship without much hassle and effort, getting yourself a model kit is the best choice! However, there is a catch, there aren’t many model kits available so your choices will be very limited. 

The model kit launched for the  U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D is the coolest thing a Trekkie can ask for! The metal starship extends to a length of 27.5 inches and also comprises working parts such as a detachable saucer, and illuminated windows, engines, and detector dishes. 

What’s even more amazing is that it has been designed with elements derived from all other versions of this starship so it consists of every cool feature of every version!

This starship model replicates every detail of the interior and exterior designs down to every pattern and the coloring. Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-follow instructions manual and all the model parts can be seamlessly screwed on without a glue-y mess!

A 3D Model

Although much of the manual labour will be undertaken by the 3D printer, however, that does not save you from efforts of your own. For starters, you will require a 3D modelling software which you can easily find online and install on your computer system. 

Next, you need to search for templates for your model starship, such as the USS Enterprise model,  online. Once you’ve selected your model, the next part basically involves some scale measurements, coloring, and accurate positioning of your model. All of which will be done on your 3D software. 

After finalizing the details of your 3D model on the software, make sure you have scaled it properly, which means it does not exceed the printer’s limitations. Finally, you connect your computer to the 3D printer and wait for it to work its magic!

Get Creative With Your Hands

This last method of creating your starship model is somewhat similar to printing your 3D model, minus the printing part. 

The procedure follows the same steps till finding yourself a template of your model. In this case,  if you are lucky, you can even end up finding the complete 3D model (with all separate parts) of your starship, bless the souls of those who make life easier for the rest of us. 

Once you have scaled the different parts of your model on the software, you print it out on as many A4 pages using a regular printer as required. The number of pages may exceed 30 depending on the size. 

The next is basic cutting, pasting, and gluing. You will require cardboard for a sturdy structure of your starship. Cut out the parts from the papers and paste them on the cardboard so you can later cut out cardboard pieces of your starship parts. 

Finally, all that is left is getting yourself a glue gun or a super glue and assembling all your cardboard pieces to create the majestic starship of your dreams!

Now It’s Your Turn to Take Action

To sum up, there are various options to create your favorite Star Trek ship. However, we suggest that you take on this endeavor with great dedication and determination. While a 3D printed model would look pretty awesome, a model created with your sweat and blood (mostly just sweat) will hold a different value in your heart. 

A kit model, on the other hand, has its own level of cool with all the functioning lights and other perks. So take that first step and decide the ship you want to be seen sitting in your room with pride. A true Trekkie mustn’t wait that long!