Model Building Can Be a Great Work Break

Work breaks are often short-lasting, and we spend them eating or talking with coworkers. That seems to be our everyday routine, but what if we tell you there’s more to do in a work break than just listening to your coworker’s life drama? Well, for one, you can follow up on your hobbies, but there are many hobbies to pick from. 

Model Building has existed for ages. It is constructing a physical or virtual representation or miniature replica of something like cars, ships, buildings, airplanes, etc. One can either build models from parts provided in a model building kit or make the parts from scratch, then assemble them. They are either made just for the fun of creating something or making a decoration piece of something you like but can’t fit in your room.

Model Building as a Hobby 

The Best Model Kits for Adults

We are an innovative species by nature. When we give an object to a child, you will see them trying to make sense of the things they can control by either arranging them in order or building a complex structure out of it. You may remember having one of those toys in your childhood, whether it was Lego or alphabetical blocks.

Model building can be a great recollection of your childhood years, or if you are a parent, it is one of the best ways to spend time with your kid. This hobby can get you more involved with the creative part of your brain, plus it can give you something physical to interact with later on. Furthermore, it is a great way to spend your extra time by building company-made kits or creating your model from scratch. 

Teamwork Experience 

Teamwork Experience

The fun and joy of trying to figure out which part goes where and collectively solving problems with others is good for your mental health. Sitting with your toddler and looking at them solve a puzzle is one of the things that make you realize the worth of parenthood. 

When you are in your office, you might notice that personalizing your cabin or room is a must-have to keep you emotionally attached to your workplace. Find something that can have a miniature model built in your office, then get your coworkers involved. It can either be a model of some project you’re working on, like the architecture of a building or a car design. It can also be something that you all have mutual feelings for, like a spaceship from your favorite show. 

The building process is easy and can be done in no time with your workgroup. You can search online and buy the pieces required for your model, or you can just design these pieces in 3D software and get them printed. Building and connecting the pieces of the model with your friends is an excellent activity for your leisure time, which will hone your teamwork skills and create a relation of harmony among each other. 

Learning New Skills 

Learning New Skills

Creative-building can involve many skills, including researching, planning, designing, cutting, sticking, molding, painting or coloring, etc. There is an array of things you need to accomplish to achieve a perfect model, and it involves a lot of decision-making, like picking the model design, color, your teammates, and whatnot. All that is a great exercise for a set of skills that can sharpen your cognitive ability and dexterity. 

Keeping your brain active and getting involved in challenges is a good way to stay active during work breaks. Solving the puzzling model from pieces found in a model building kit or your own molded pieces with your coworkers can be an excellent learning experience.

Creativity in Building 

When we form something new and something valuable by our imagination, it’s our creativity that’s at play. Human creativity knows no bounds, even in model building. Our desire to create a model version of something meaningful unlocks our thinking potential and lets us do extraordinary things. All great things were once a model in someone’s mind. 

Working in this new age requires constant creativity. Whatever work you are doing will become dry and monotonous without innovation. A good way to solve this is by honing your creativity, which you can do by taking part in model building. When we use our thinking in one part of our life, it automatically becomes better in other parts as well. Therefore, building a model in your work breaks can help you stay innovative and continue your work with enthusiasm and firmness. 

Stress Relief 

You may have seen some people bite their nails or lips when anxious and stressed. It is somehow a natural way for humans to make their hands busy when they’re stressed; that is why things like fidget spinners and magnets are used to relieve stress by many people. It is the underlying principle that people make their hands busy to cope with anxiety and stress.

Working with your coworkers on a group model-building project is always a good idea for forgetting work-related stress and letting your mind relax. That does not mean playing with models when you have an upcoming deadline; it’s a way to occupy your brain in creative activities that require your whole attention and focus. This can help you reset your work stress and prepare you for viewing your problems from a different angle.

Social Exposure 

International Plastic Modellers’ Society or IPMS is one of the world-renowned groups involved in holding competitions and promoting model building. Its first branch was established in 1963 to gather hobbyists interested in plastic model building. When you decide on a hobby, you must make the best use of people with similar tastes around you, whether you meet them online or in your workplace.  

Being stuck with your computer screen or files all day long can be a bit bland and tedious for the brain. Therefore, getting people involved with a group activity is an excellent idea to boost everyone’s morale and get them engaged in productive activities.

Model Building Kits 

If you are just starting as a model builder, it might be hard for you to design, cut, drill and, construct a model. For those reasons, there are many model-building kits available online. Whether it’s a spaceship from your favorite movie or, fossil of a Jurassic animal, with some searching, you can easily find its model in the market. 

Building a Souvenir

Model-building gives you a physical manifestation of the group work you and your coworkers have done during your work breaks. That random-looking city model or robot model that lays on a desk in your office carries memories and feelings of all those who helped construct it. It’s a good memorial for all of you.

Model Building and Work Breaks 

Having a bland daily schedule and repetitive work tasks at the office can be tiring. Therefore, gathering your coworkers and venturing on a creative task to build a model during your work break is a good way to make your repetitive work tasks easier to handle. Not only this activity refreshes your brain but, in the end, you all will have a souvenir that represents your collective hard work.