How Hard is it to Build a Gundam Model?

The complexity of Gundam kits is a major deterrent to newcomers. Most people would wonder what would happen if they started a Gunpla kit but couldn’t finish it because of the difficulty level. This piece is an attempt to provide an answer to that very issue. Where do you stand on the difficulty scale when it comes to constructing Gundam models?

Depending on the model and quality level, Gundam models can be relatively simple or challenging to construct. The specific Gundam in question is a major indicator of the degree of challenge. The Gundam Qan[T] and Zaku, for instance, are simple to assemble. In addition, grading is significant, with HG model kits often being the simplest and PG models the most challenging. 

Can you build Gundams easily?

Gundam models, especially the MG, RG, and PG models, are challenging to construct because there are so many tiny, delicate parts that need to snap together. However, because they contain fewer pieces, HG Gundam models are simple to construct. Therefore, novices should always attempt HG models before moving on to more challenging grades.

Since creating a Gundam from scratch might be difficult, many beginners worry that they won’t be able to create their first one. The truth is that there are two key elements that affect how tough these models are to construct. The model type is one element that increases the difficulty of the model. There are many different models. There are currently roughly 2,300 different Gundam models, each with a distinctive look and construction.

The fact that Bandai introduces 30–40 brand-new models year is remarkable. Accordingly, even if two Gundams are of the same grade, their attachments and designs might influence how tough they are to control. For instance, while HG models are frequently simple to construct, HG Neo Zeong presents a unique set of challenges. The model Neo Zeong is much bigger than the majority of PG models. Despite being HG, the HGUC Neo Zeong is generally regarded as a somewhat challenging model.

RG Gundam model

RG models are another noteworthy instance. While RG models are frequently thought of as being highly difficult models, some RG models are actually quite simple to construct. For instance, since RG Gundam Qan[T] models are easier to construct than other RG models, beginners can start with them.

The kind of Gundam is a crucial consideration when determining the model’s difficulty. The truth is that it can be challenging to differentiate the difficulty based on the type given that there are more than 2,300 different Gundam models in circulation. Because of this, most modelers employ grades to indicate whether a model is challenging or simple to construct.

HG is typically the simplest to construct, followed by MG, RG, and then PG. High Grade is the initials HG. Since they have the fewest elements, they are usually the simplest to construct. RG and MG often have an equal number of parts and challenges. Old modelers, however, frequently had problems making them because to their modest size because RG is smaller. As a result of their greater elements, MG usually tends to be simpler. simpler to see as a result. Real Grade is abbreviated as RG, and Master Grade as MG.

The PG grade, or Perfect Grade, is the most difficult of all of them. They are also regarded as the largest Gundam model currently on the market. Since PG models have the most pieces, skilled modelers may need several weeks to complete one. They are the most enjoyable to make, though.

Additionally, there are SD or Super Deformed Models, often known as “Chibi” Gundams. They are frequently simpler and less expensive than HG. But because they are Chibi Gundams, it is not advised to use them as practice for more challenging models.

Basically, since HGs are more realistic than SD, beginners should start with those. Additionally, they are simple to construct. Try RG or MG after you’ve become used to HG.

Is Gundam Construction Simple?

Since the majority of Gundam models don’t require any painting or glue, building them is simple. Their models frequently use snap-fit construction, which allows parts to attach one another without the use of glue. Furthermore, they don’t need to paint because their plastics are already colored. Finally, each of their kits has a thorough instruction manual, making them simple to assemble.

Even if some Gundam classes are challenging to construct, the only difference in these grades’ degrees of difficulty is the amount of time required to do it. The model takes longer to complete the more parts there are.

Gundam kits, however, are simple to assemble because the most difficult phases are not required. In actuality, all a Gundam modeler needs to be proficient in is using a model nipper. It is not essential to do anything further, including painting and gluing. Although painting and gluing might improve the appearance of your models, they are not necessary to construct a Gundam model. Parts of a gunpla kit frequently click together. This implies that the models could be constructed without adhesive. Furthermore, they don’t require painting because their sprues and runners are colored.


But the fact that these model kits include an instruction manual is something everyone like. There is no chance that you will get lost while assembling these kits as long as you can follow the directions in the handbook. Additionally, the sprues and runners are frequently labeled, allowing you to identify the precise component that the instruction booklet is referring to. You can complete the model as long as you can read these labels and follow the instructions.

Thus, despite having a large amount of parts, even total beginners may finish an RG model. These factors make creating Gundam models fairly simple. While it could be challenging at first, it becomes simpler as you gain experience.


Depending on the grade and type of Gundam you purchased, it will either be simple or difficult. However, the enjoyment in building Gundam models comes from the time it takes. Therefore, savor every second of creating these models. Even if you find it challenging, the more you practice generating them, the easier it becomes.

In general, creating Gundam models is simpler than building other models because most of their models snap together without glue. Furthermore, painting is not required because they come with decals and colored sprues.

Beginners would therefore think it would be simple to assemble Gunpla kits as long as they could follow directions. Try HG kits initially if you’re just starting out with Gunpla kits because they are simple and contain few components. When you feel confident building them, move on to more challenging grades like RG and MG. Try PG if you have a lengthy vacation; it’s the most difficult but also the most rewarding.