What can you do with old Gundam Models?

Most people would probably agree that in purchasing the first model either to try out the pastime or to have a showcase in our homes.

After a few months, we suddenly realize that we have a large number of Gundam models sitting around with no place to store them.

The issue is that Gundams need some room because moving them could damage the joints, which are used to gauge the model’s health.

This is another reason why the joint integrity of numerous Gundam model listings is noted.

You may consider ways to make the most of your finished models if you have so many models sitting about your home.

Below are the six modifications can be made to your old Gunpla models. 

1. Sell Gunpla Models to Marketplaces

Perhaps the most frequent thought when disposing of models is to sell them on different online marketplaces. The unfortunate problem is that once made, Gundam models lose around 50% of their value. As a result, once manufactured, your $50 Gundam replica would only be sold for roughly $25. However, if you’re strapped for budget, this is still a fantastic choice.

Additionally, those who are skilled at customizing Gundam models frequently charge a premium for their finished products. People who are skilled in customizing their models, such as by painting, polishing, and designing them, can sell them for more money than they paid for them.

However, in general, if you want the price of your models to rise, keep them in the box and wait until the model has already been discontinued. As a result of being unable to purchase your kit in stores, more and more people would want to purchase it. That is a simple method for raising the price of your kits. The situation is different when built kits are sold for a premium.

The good news is that it’s now lot simpler to sell Gundam replicas than it used to be. You can try selling your models on a variety of various online markets. eBay is the most popular of them; here, you can put your model for auction.

However, selling your models is not limited to eBay. You might also give other markets, including Facebook, a shot. Try Vintage Cash Cow if you have a vintage model. Another fantastic option is Warwick and Warwick.

2. Donate Gundam Models to Charity

Giving to charity is another choice if selling isn’t your thing. Giving your models to a good cause won’t net you any money, but it might provide joy to some kids when they acquire toys you made.

Although you don’t see your collection of Gundams as toys as a collector. But these are toys that kids can use. Given that you would be giving them away as toys, your collection is very precious to you, and you wouldn’t want it to get damaged. Imagine the joy, though, on the faces of the kids who receive Gundam models when they hold the robots they watch on TV.

Who knows? Maybe your good deeds will encourage these kids to become Gunpla modelers in the future. If not, at least you made them happy by giving them a new toy.

You can donate your Gundam models to a variety of charitable institutions, including Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald House, public schools, and daycare facilities.

3. Use Gunpla models as a Display


Why not find a new home for your old models if you really want to keep them?

Your Gunpla models can be shown in your living room, gaming area, and bedroom since you already exhibit them there.

How about keeping one in your office as well?

Since all you need are some shelves, displaying Gundam models is simple. Use a sizable transparent model display case if you don’t want your models covered with dust.

4. Start Gunpla Photography

Why not try Gundam Photography to improve your Gundam modeling skills? Online forums like Reddit and Facebook are only two places where you may share and develop your Gundam photographs.

You would begin studying concepts like Shutter, F-stop, and other terms in Gundam photography.

In addition, if your shot is good, you can anticipate receiving many likes.

Additionally, you could sell these images on a variety of platforms like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Foap, and Alamy.

5. Give Gundam Models to Friends

Why not offer your models to your pals instead of donating them to charity, particularly to strangers? One of your pals could want a second display in their living room, for instance. The best part about this situation is that you can visit your model each time you go to their house.

Given that the majority of our friends are into Gundam models, it is difficult to offer these models to your buddies. However, it’s still worth a shot, and they might even value your efforts if you give them something you created.

6. Try out some new features on some older models


People that are skilled at personalizing their models may be able to sell their creations for a high price.The issue is that practicing is necessary in order to become proficient at customizing. As a result, you can begin learning how to personalize your models by getting practice on your older models.

If you wish to create new models, you can gain additional experience in this method. When you put in more time practicing, you’ll see substantial improvement in your abilities. Everybody, including Gundam replicas, must abide by this regulation.

Try a variety of color combinations. Investigate the various methods you can use to clean and shine these models. To get flawless finishes, learn how to properly sand. The hobby offers a lot to try, which makes building Gunpla enjoyable.


Some people advise donating built models to recycling facilities, however you can’t do so with perfectly good models. The only item you have to provide to recycling facilities are the sprues that are no longer useful.

Gunpla models can be recycled because they are constructed entirely of recyclable polymers. However, since only 10% of plastics are fully recycled, recycling these plastics is ineffective. Gunpla models are not environmentally friendly because of this as well.