Learn About the Different Grades of Gundam Models

Choosing a Gundam Model or Gunpla that fits your degree of expertise will make it more pleasant. Because Gunpla classification is a bit of a science, finding the ideal model for you is fortunately simple.

The maker of Gunpla, Bandai, has classified all of the models based on scale and grade.

The correctness of the separate parts is often referred to as grade, along with the amount of mastery you will need to construct your Gundam. The most true to life, well, faithful to the way it appears in the program, Gundams will be those with the highest degree of detail. It’ll be the most difficult to put together, though. 

Here are the different grades of Gunpla kits that you can buy on the market:

High Grade

Apart from Super Deformed kits, High Grade kits have the most selection of Gundams and mobile suits, making them the most collectible. In addition, High Grade kits are among the most reasonably priced grades available.

High Grade kits come in two scales: 1/144, which, depending on the model, is roughly 13 cm tall. Some models, like Sinanju and Sazabi, are a little bit taller, while some HG models, like Exia, are a little bit shorter. Since 1/144 kits take up less room than Master Grade or Perfect Grade kits, they make attractive collections and displays. Another size, 1/100, measures about 18 cm tall.

Because it will feature the initials “HG” on the box and have landscape-oriented box art, you can easily tell that it is a High Grade kit. As for the 1/100 Scale High Grade kits, they won’t have any HG letters on the box, but you’ll be able to tell it’s one if the box art doesn’t have “MG” or “Master Grade” printed on it, and it’s typically in portrait format. Be careful not to mix together 1/100 HG and 1/100 MG kits! Due to their similar appearance, newcomers could become perplexed.

HG kits already have fantastic detail when assembled directly from the box without any painting. They have a fair number of pieces to put together. The intricacy and aesthetics of your High Grade kit will be improved by adding some panel lining and doing some light painting in some places. High Grade kits occasionally use clear stickers as the model’s decals in addition to some foil stickers for enhanced model detail.

Through the years, model posing skills have developed. The articulation of older High Grade models throughout the 1990s was restricted but adequate, however recently, Gunpla technology has evolved significantly, and articulation of contemporary HG kits is exceptional to the point of being comparable to or equal to that of Master Grade kits!

Everyone can use High Grade kits, and this is typically where new Gunpla aficionados begin their modeling endeavors.

Master Grade


Now, Master Grade kits are for you if you want more detail, mechanics, and an inner frame skeleton to display. These kits are the next step up from HG kits, and even though they are more expensive, the investment is worthwhile because of the level of detail, included gimmicks, mechanics, and some dry rub decals that will significantly increase the awesomeness of your model.

Only Master Grade kits in 1/100 size, which are normally 18 cm tall, are offered. The two most substantial MG kits right now are the MG Sazabi Ver.Ka and MG Unicorn Full Armor. The “MG” abbreviation is underlined in gold on the box art of MG kits to make sure you don’t miss the labeling. The size of the kit box varies depending on how many assembly components there are, with the largest kits being seen in models like the MG Sazabi Ver.Ka.

The intricacies of an MG kit are where things truly start to get interesting and amazing. The ability to put on each piece of armor one at a time, much like a Samurai warrior would do before a battle, is one of the key differences between MG kits and HG kits. In contrast to HG kits, most MG kits don’t require further painting because they already look beautiful out of the box. This is due to the meticulous consideration given to the color diversity and separation of the armor pieces. Some MG kits additionally contain a few LED light-up components.

One of the best components of the MG kits is applying the dry rub decals. Decals, which are frequently included in MG kits, significantly to the realism and detail of the model. It takes some practice to apply them to a kit, but it’s rewarding. If you want an excessive number of decals to attach to your model, think about buying an MG Ver.Ka kit. Hajime Katoki enjoys using a lot of decals and redesigns MG kits by adding “Ver.Ka.” after the model name. You won’t be disappointed by the quantity of decals provided with Ver.Ka kits. EW kits from Katoki come with a ton of decals because they were also updated.

Master Grades are suggested for the dedicated Gunpla modeler/hobbyist who desires more detail on their models. The results of using MG kits are excellent despite the additional work and effort.

Perfect Grade

The holy grail of Gunpla model kits is Perfect Grade. The largest available very detailed scale, they are the best of the best in terms of detail, mechanics, and gimmicks. Due to its 1/60 scale size and large amount of parts that must be assembled, PG kits are the most expensive ones available.

The 1/60 scale Perfect Grade kits are about 30 cm tall. These are the tallest Gundam models you can construct, and they require a large amount of display space. Therefore, you must properly set up your display space. In essence, they are Master Grade kits with an unbelievable amount of detail. Like MG kits, they typically have LED light-up mechanics as well as decals. As with all Gunpla model kits, they are expensive yet worthwhile. This is especially true if you’re a passionate Gunpla modeler who wants to advance their hobby.

Real Grade

This kit is for you if you want a Perfect Grade kit but don’t want to break the bank too much. Perfect Grade kits are about the size of a palm in size. This is the most recent model grade that Bandai has started making, and they are unique. The first model grade with a 1/144 scale and an interior frame similar to MG kits.

The amount of detail in the RG kit is comparable to that in PG kits. The best possible armor color variety and separation can be found in RG kits, along with the best possible articulation. They also use a lot of decals. You now understand why it is called “Real” Grade, as this model grade line-up aims to manufacture the most accurate Gundam and mobile suit model kits currently on the market. Look for “Excitement embodied” and the initials “RG” on the box art to identify this kit grade.

Entry Grade

Entry Grade (EG) is a line of Gunpla kits of Gundam meta series Mobile Suits that are 1/144 scale. The line came out in 2011 and was made in China. It was sold in emerging markets in Asia. EG kits are like First Grade or No Grade 1/144 series Gunpla kits in that they only come in three colors and don’t have any polycaps. Each kit comes with a tool that separates the parts, so you don’t need a pair of nippers. Only the neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles can move. Each limb is made of one to three pieces and is hollow on one side. Toy stores sold these kits for less than US$5, and only four models were made. In some parts of Asia, these kits are given away for free at special Gunpla events to people who sign up for the local Bandai mailing list.

In 2020, Bandai Spirits brought back the Entry Grade line with kits from the Kamen Rider, Dragon Ball, Doraemon, Ultraman, Pac-Man, My Hero Academia, Detective Conan, and Kirby franchises. The new Entry Grade line has advanced color separation, articulation, and proportions that are on par with most High Grade kits. Nipper is not needed, just like with the 2011 releases. But instead of a parts separator, plate runners’ gates have been changed so that parts can be taken out by hand.

Super Deformed

SD Gundam

There is a whole new realm of Gunpla with the Super Deformed kits. Since SD kits are “chibi” in shape and therefore “Super Deformed,” they have no scale but are about 8 cm tall. They have the fewest pieces to build and are the most reasonably priced kits on the market. The Brave Battle Warriors and BB Senshi, which each have their own anime series, are the most well-known series in this model grade. SD kits are perfect if you want something unique and “chibi” in look. They are a fantastic option if you want to introduce your kids to the world of Gunpla because they are simple to put together and adorable.


Gunpla is the name of one of the most popular model kits in the world. It comes with cutting-edge technology and a large variety of models. The size, intricacy, and price of Gunpla all increase with grade level.