Best Model Trains for Kids

Model trains are one of the classic toys that every kid wants to have. Aside from being entertaining, they also aid children in building their skills. Toy manufacturers offer a wide variety of train sets to the market. There are ones that are for the eyes only. There are some train sets that move around, and there are also model trains that are safe for children to handle. The best thing about these model trains is that they offer different sizes, from small to large, with tracks, bridges, and other add-ons. Whatever you buy, your child will indeed have lots of fun. 

Below are the best model trains for your children that may help you in your search.

Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack 

BRIO is famous for creating well-made and creative train sets. This train set is ideal for children who are just getting started with their model train adventures. The BRIO beginner pack consists of a colored train, a bridge, tracks, and ramps. 

All the parts are easy to put together and taken apart so your children can enjoy and experiment in designing the routes of their model train. This beginner pack also goes well with different BRIO train sets so that you can broaden their train collection overtime for more fun activities. 

This train set is recommended for kids ages one-year-old and up. BRIO’s beginner pack is an excellent way to build your children’s creativity while having fun.  

Maple Landmark Name Train

If you want a more personalized model train, Maple Landmark Name Train will make a good option. Each letter on this train set is painted with fun and non-toxic paint, perfect for children of lower ages. 

The trains are attached using simple magnets, making it easy for children to attach and detach independently. Maple Landmark Name Trains are versatile trains compatible with different wooden train tracks. 

This train set is recommended for children ages two years old and older. 

Orbrium Toys 52 Pcs Wooden Train Set

Orbrium Toys 52 Pcs Wooden Train Set

This wooden train set from Orbrium Toys is ideal for train-loving children. It comes with model trains, train tracks, and a bridge. The train tracks also come together like puzzle pieces, which could keep the fun and interest of the kids. 

This train set also comes with street signs and numerous town buildings, which adds to the children’s creativity. Aside from that, the wooden storage box of this train set can also be inverted, creating a tunnel for the model trains to pass through. 

KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table

This KidKraft train set almost has everything the children need for their train adventures. This train set consists of 100 pieces of items, including three trains and various train tracks. 

The fun part is, this train set provides colorful landscapes and exciting features like a hospital with an ambulance, a helipad, and an airplane with a runway. The set also comes with trees, animals, bridges, more vehicles, and many other items that could help build the creativity and skills of your children. Underneath the table, there are storage bins for unused pieces. 

This train set is ideal for kids aging three years and above. 

Lionel The Polar Express Remote Model Train Set


Lionel is known for its beautifully created model trains. This company produces various iconic replicas of well-known trains, and this train set is a miniature replica of the famous Polar Express. 

The train set comes with two passenger cars, a coal car, and the train’s engine. It also includes a 73-inches oval-shaped train track. You may also make the train track larger with the help of extra track extension pieces provided in the set. 

The Lionel model train set moves along the track and can be controlled by a remote controller, making it a fun train adventure for the kids. 

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset

This train set is not only full of fun but also full of learning. The VTech train set will help teach your children essential skills on their train adventure. 

This set comes with an electronic train station, train tracks, a bridge, tunnels, and many others. It also includes three A batteries required to power the train set. Additional model trains and vehicles are purchased separately.

The best thing about this train set is that it has SmartPoint locations that teach children to tell colors, time, and the alphabet. It also gives the kids knowledge about different phrases in foreign languages.  

This train set from VTech Toys is recommended for children one year and older. 

LEGO City Cargo Train Set

Most kids are massive fans of LEGOS, and maybe this train set is perfect for them. This train set comes with 888 pieces of accessories that offer different features for an enjoyable train adventure. 

This LEGO model train set takes construction and train adventure to the next level. It also includes a remote to keep control of the train’s locomotive. 

Due to its complexity and number of pieces, this set is ideal for kids six years and above.