What Are the Best Types of No Glue Model Kits?

Maybe you’ve grown weary of using bricks and blocks, but you still want to construct something with your own two hands? Perhaps it’s time for you to start constructing plastic model kits.

One of the most fulfilling hobbies is building model kits. No other pastime enables you to meticulously construct replicas of real-life (or imaginary) objects. However, it can be overwhelming to purchase your first plastic model kit given the abundance of options. Here we included some fun snap-together model kits that are also sufficiently difficult for beginner modelers to make them want to advance to the level two kits.

What Exactly Is a Plastic Model Kit?

A plastic model kit is a scale model that is made up of unassembled plastic components and is available in “snap-together” or “glue-together” form. Plastic model kits are representations of different subjects, including military (plane, vessels, and artillery) and sci-fi, as well as model automobiles and trucks, and figure models.

Model kits often come in one of five skill levels that indicate how challenging it will be to complete. Skill level 1 are snap-together kits that do not require glue or paint. Easy kits that require glue and paint to complete which typically have fewer than 100 parts are at skill level two. Smaller, more intricate elements require a level 3 skill. Usually, there are more than 100 pieces for this kind of kit. Advanced kits with extra-fine detailing are at skill level four. There are undoubtedly more than 100 pieces in them. Level 5 skills are for expert modelers. They generally have moving elements and extremely intricate details, such as functional suspension on vehicles and motorbikes, rotating propellers on airplanes, and moveable turrets on tanks.

Best Types of No Glue Model Kits

Wooden Model Ship Kit

This model kit features laser-cut basswood parts for simple assembly as well as true plank-on-frame construction. It comes with well-illustrated instructions and detailed plans. The wooden display base is already included. This model kit, which has a skill level 1 requirement, is ideal for beginners.

Airfix Quickbuild Lockheed Martin Raptor Airplane

aircraft model kit

This push-fit construction model kit was created as a quick and easy project that only takes a few minutes to complete. Decorative stickers and a display stand are included with this model. Although it is a push-together kit, it features a seamless fit structure. You can amass and construct a variety of Quickbuild models, including iconic aircraft, vintage automobiles, supercars, and tanks! It is a fantastic introduction to the modeling industry!

AMT 1980 Toyota Hilux Sr5 Pickup

car model kit

This is a cool Hilux truck with awesome extras, such as tough vinyl tires, a roll bar with lights, a winch crash bar, and much more! It has two color swatches for the genuinely detailed water-slide decals and is fully paintable. The box is done in a retro design. This is fit for ages 8 and up and falls under Skill Level 1. When built, the truck measures 7 1/4 inches long and is made of beige-colored plastic (18.4 cm). It is not necessary to use glue or paint for assembly.

Revell Resistance X-Wing Fighter Model Kit

This is the X-Wing fighter from the Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. The Incom T-70 X-wing fighter, which is a contemporary interpretation of a classic design, serves as the resistance forces’ primary combat vehicle in their conflict with the First Order. This has a highly detailed engraved surface. It is colorful and pre-decorated, and the cockpit has an open and closed canopy. In addition, it has detailed thrusters and cannons, an optional undercarriage and exhibition stand, and most importantly, no gluing or painting is required.

Revell SnapTite F-18 Blue Angels Plastic Model Kit

This model kit is a precise depiction with careful surface detailing. The scale of the model is 1: 72. Its missiles and landing gear are intricate. It includes a unique decal sheet with two sets of customized graphics in addition to one set of actual markings. Instructions for assembly are illustrated. This is fit for ages 8 and up. By putting this 16-piece model kit together and applying genuine decals, you may improve your fine motor skills while also developing your visual-spatial awareness. Glue or paint is not necessary for building this model kit.

Testors 650022T Model Kit-M4A3, M4A3 Military Tank

military tank

This Testors tank model kit is a pre-painted plastic version of an actual vintage military vehicle. This exact duplicate is simple to put together and features amazing detailing. It contains a screwdriver, and no gluing is required. This model is a 1/35 size with authentic detail, adjustable gun turrets, and individually molded tracks. It also has actual armor plates. The kit includes 42 exquisitely crafted components and full instructions and maybe put together in under an hour. This is a level 1 model kit that is perfect for 8 years old and up.

Premium Scale Model Tanks Kits Collection by Kvvdi

Sturmtiger, Tiger I, Sturmgesch 1tz IV, and Panther tanks are included in this kit. There are 30 pieces for each model of German-built tank used in the Second World War. Each tank component has a number and an installation manual. Because of their superior craftsmanship, they may be mounted without glue. The model tanks have a very robust texture, thanks to the thick ABS plastic. Each component of the tank prototype is meticulously recreated in the model. Each tank has an up-and-down rotational turret. Even the Tiger I and Panther tank have a left and right rotation. The tank model is highly realistic, thanks to its design.


Building plastic model kits is a traditional yet modern hobby that has evolved with manufacturing technology. It’s a fantastic pastime for someone who likes do-it-yourself crafts and is trying something new. For someone who enjoys using their hands to create, model kit construction is often the next step up. By starting with the best no-glue kits, you may undoubtedly grow passionate about this skill.