Have Fun Building Motorcycle Models

Have you heard of model building? Maybe yes, and that’s why you search on Google and find some tips on how you can get things started. There are many things you can create using model building. You can create building models of famous landmarks, or look for some challenging model kits that will test your patience and creativity.

Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment and gratification from assembling something that arrived in pieces into a favorite bike. To get through all the challenges and frustration, you must have patience, finesse, an eye for detail, discipline, determination, and concentration. We’re sure you’ll be happy when the motorcycle is finally assembled, equipped with decals, good or bad.

Building model kits was a popular weekend activity for kids (and some dads) in the 1960s. But is it still the case? It is possible with the current selection of motorcycle model kits.

Model manufacturers cover almost every motorcycle niche, from classic bikes to cruisers and superbikes to road burners. You can build them quickly and dirty or slowly and precisely, just like a full-size custom bike.

Pick a larger-scale kit for maximum visual impact. In addition, when it comes to models, you almost always get what you pay for in terms of price. Remember that the paint schemes depicted on the boxes are only suggestions; it’s your model, so you get to decide how to paint it!

We’ll show you how to have fun building motorcycle model kits in this article.

Building Motorcycle Model Kits – A Fun Hobby For Bikers

Patience’s a dying virtue in today’s society, which is obsessed with instant gratification. That is why, in many ways, social media is addictive.

But why not search for assembly tips on social media sites like YouTube? When people began this hobby in the mid-1980s, there were no guides other than assembly instructions.

Assembling model kits is an excellent way to relax and unwind. Working on a model will cause you to enter a zen-like state and shut out the rest of the world, and it’s most likely the best way of slowing your heart rate after a dragging day at work or your family has gone to bed. It could also be the thing that restores that great virtue known as patience.

a blue Kawasaki ninja motorcycle model

Motorcycle Model Kits To Assemble And Paint Yourself

Picking the best motorcycle model kit can sometimes be difficult due to the abundance of options available from various brands such as Aqua Intelligence, AMT, Everlast, Revell, and Greenlight. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

If you can’t afford to get your dream bike, purchase a realistic replica. We’ve compiled a list of the best motorcycle model kits for you.

Tamiya 1982 Honda CB1100R

Tamiya’s Honda CB1100R is a four-cylinder throwback to the 1980s. Notably, this 1:12-scale plastic model is a kit rather than a prebuilt replica; paints, tools, and other materials are required but not included.

The model is recommended for ages 14 and up, indicating that it is a fairly sophisticated and complicated kit with numerous parts. In terms of the motorcycle in question, Honda’s CB1100R was an inline-four, air-cooled superbike with a tremendous performance in 1982. Its dominance, however, was short-lived, as the V-4-powered VF series arrived within months.

Hasegawa 2001 Honda NSR250 Daijiro Kato

This 1:12 scale replica of the championship-winning Kato Honda NSR250 by the late Daijiro looks fantastic and will be fun to build. Naturally, as is customary for plastic models, the kit necessitates using appropriate paint and cement (not included) for assembly. It will be all the better for the care and time put into these tasks.

A real racebike and this model share a parallel reality: precise assembly results in a better-finished product. Fortunately, the scale model on your desk and the original two-stroke that sailed around a racetrack evoke the same fantasy of road racing flight.

MPC Honda Trail 70


Because we enjoy challenges, here is a challenge question: As a kid, who didn’t want a Honda Trail 70? We can’t think of anyone! That is why this low-cost MPC model is so appealing.

If you were there for Laugh-In, bell bottoms, and Watergate, you’d enjoy this plastic model kit. And if you weren’t already, building and displaying it on your breakfast table so that you can stare at it every morning will undoubtedly change your mind.

Because the 1:8-scale model is so large, the kit has a strong aesthetic impact. It is intended for people aged ten and up.

Nifeliz Knuckle Chopper Motorcycle Building Kit

As part of the Nifeliz, this model kit provides a rewarding and immersive building experience. It introduces model builders to the engineering world through realistic features as they learn how gear mechanisms work.

Create your Knuckle Chopper to acquire a unique understanding of this iconic motorcycle’s functions and features. A 4-piston working engine is also included in the kit.

This eye-catching motorcycle model looks fantastic when displayed. It measures over 9.8″ long, 4″ high, and 3.3″ wide to accurately represent the actual model.

Trying to find the best gifts for motorcycle enthusiasts? This is an excellent option. It’s also extremely difficult for kids aged 12 and up who enjoy seeing how a motorbike works.

Wood Trick Motorcycle With Rubber Band Motor

This Wood Trick Motorcycle model kit, powered by an eco-friendly rubber band motor, will ride directly ahead for about 9-16 feet until the motor’s resource is fully depleted. Wind the mechanism ten times and watch the magic happen.

The mechanical bike has 203 wooden components, and the structure is suitable for adults and children. The wood kit also includes an easy-to-follow assembly guide and does not require special tools or glue (check out which types of glue are used in model kits!) to complete.

a motorcycle made of wood

Wood Trick model DIY kits help people understand mechanics principles by introducing them to the fundamentals of mechanics, promoting fine motor skills, cultivating attention and patience, and stimulating imaginative artistic thinking.

Givenni Technology Motorcycle Toy Moc Building Blocks Kit

This collectible model has stunning styling, including shiny grey brick pieces and a slew of other cool details such as authentic wheel hubs. In display mode, you also can simulate turning direction, shifting, and turning the wheel. This sturdy, high-quality replica model is ideal for collecting and proudly displaying.

An 827-piece black motorcycle model is included in the kit. This is a great model motorcycle, with dimensions of 13.5 by 4.1 by 7.4 inches.