Choosing a Truggy

A truggy is a high-performance off-road racing vehicle that combines the features of trucks and buggies. Truggies are without a doubt the most ferocious RC animals. They are always prepared to smash the track with their enormous tires. No other RC can equal their achievements.

Discover the Truggy

Truggy is a combination of the terms “stadium truck” and “buggy.” The brand-new term is derived from off-road racing. The term “truggy” became popular around 1995. Using a truck body, Terrible Herbst Motorsport constructed an unlimited class 1 buggy. Additionally, truck-like rear axles and truck-sized wheels were employed.

A truggy offers superior maneuverability at the sacrifice of speed. It is an unrestricted buggy with larger wheels and enhanced suspension. A truggy’s primary concern is stability, hence a high suspension is advantageous. Additionally, truggys have a wider stance and wheels. In addition, a quality RC shock dampens spring movements and improves suspension. Consequently, you may wish to acquire these RC shocks for your Truggy.

A fast car is always exciting to drive. That is something we can comprehend. For this reason, many individuals place a premium on top speed. Unfortunately, the Truggy accelerates more slowly due to its weight. Occasionally, obtaining a truggy can be challenging. Its tires are also expensive to upgrade. As a result of traversing a range of terrain and rough roads, they are regularly damaged.

However, truggies are the way to go if you want an RC vehicle that is suitable for high-performance driving.

How will you choose which truggy is the best? Because we’ve arrived to assist you.

1. HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Truggy

RC Car

Numerous distinctive characteristics make it the “BEST.” The first thing that must be mentioned is its Nitro Star F4.6 engine. This engine gives the Trophy Truggy all the power it requires.

The grunt suffices to justify our initial assertion. When the engine is started, this truggy roars like a savage animal. The F4.6 engine gives the Trophy Truggy tremendous strength. Which enables it to perform incredible tricks like as high jumps, record-setting long jumps, double backflips, etc.

Unlike electric engines, which are powered by voltage, the Trophy Truggy is powered by fuel. Now, nitromethane itself contributes a considerable deal of energy to every chemical reaction. However, the Trophy Truggy’s two-needle carburetor enables a more precise power delivery based on your requirements. The two-needle carburetor regulates the air-to-fuel ratio necessary for optimum combustion. It can be adjusted according on the weather or fuel. And, the F4.6 engines’ two-stage air filter is the last remarkable feature. The engine is already safeguarded by a specialized water splash shield.

2. ARRMA 1/8 Talion 6S BLX


The remarkable longevity of this truggy is the first aspect I want to discuss. All due to the premium Extreme Bash (EXB) treatment provided by ARRMA. EXB-hardened components boost durability where it matters most. Making the vehicle indestructible. This vehicle is designed for maximum destruction.

Additionally, the ARRMA Talion is the first EXB vehicle to include a Spektrum AVC radio and a Spektrum 6S brushless motor. This characteristic is peculiar to ARRMA. It is absent from the remaining truggies. Depending on the road or weather conditions, you may require varying levels of traction. And this is precisely what the AVC system provides. A variable traction system for your RC vehicle.

Now, the brushless motor from Spektrum generates around 2050KV of voltage power. The vehicle’s speed and traction control system make it suited for both on-road and off-road use.

3. Team Corally, 1/8 Shogun XP 6S

Earth truggy

This multipurpose truggy is an incredible RC vehicle with so many interesting features. Its brushless 4-pole motor not only provides high voltage but also makes it suitable for almost any track or road. The motor provides a voltage of 2050 kV.

Additionally, the 4-pole magnetic engine gives increased torque. Now, in the realm of RC, a larger torque indicates superior and more efficient performance. Therefore, this truggy is capable of performing large feats comparable to professional racing cars.

The Shogun is controlled by a radio transmitter with an ergonomic design known as the Varioprop S2R Controller. It provides interference-free control up to 300 meters away. Thus, it is possible to transition from one channel to another without any loss of precision.

Other than that, the 4-pole motor is ideal for energy efficiency. But the problem with this is that it will be difficult to find a suitable substitute. In case of an emergency,

4. Losi 1/8 8ight-T

This should be the starting point for anyone who wishes to become a professional nitro truggy racer. The Losi 1/8 8ight-T truggy comes fully assembled from the manufacturer with an exceptional engine. Here, the engine is a 0.28 nitro Dynamite engine. The grunt alone is sufficient proof that it possesses incredible strength. But do not be afraid! Even though it is a nitro engine, it is not necessarily difficult.

Here, the engine is started by a fairly straightforward pull starter. No additional starter box is required unless it is desired.

In addition, there is this special Gen-III radio tray that extends the servo’s service life. And ultimately, it ensures precise steering and throttle control.

Nonetheless, similar to other nitro engines, this one is more difficult to maintain. as well as more expensive. Those who are sensitive to both loud noise and smoke may be disturbed by the sound and noise produced.

5. HPI Racing 107018 Trophy Truggy Flux

RC Car Truggy

This truggy has tremendous potential. The Trophy Truggy Flux, however, is a savior for those who have difficulties with the nitro engine. The Trophy Truggy Flux’s nitro engine has been replaced with a brushless motor. The brushless motor has a voltage of 1965 kV.

Currently, the 1965 KV offers a substantial quantity of power. However, it produces less power than the F4.6 nitro engine. Consequently, it is slower as compared to the other truggies. But, this does not render the brushless engine useless. It provides a massive amount of power for off-road performance along with blindingly quick acceleration, enormous stunts and enormous jumps. Which is, after all, one of the truggies’ primary attractions.

During testing, the true racing suspension was one of the things we appreciated the most. As its name implies, the true racing suspension provides the responsiveness and driving experience of the professional level.

The vehicle is equipped with aluminum shocks that make driving more durable and pleasant.