Tips on Buying and Using RC Cars

RC cars became famous when they were first released in 1966. Since then, technological advancements have made RC cars easily available and the perfect toy for fun. RC cars are available as both Toy-grade type and Hobby-grade type. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, you can have fun with a remote-control car. There are models that won’t leave you disappointed when you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore unchartered territories of a puddle.

Miniature cars and trucks that can be controlled from a distance are called radio-controlled cars or RC cars commonly. These cars are controlled using a transmitter which is also known as a remote. Some people also call RC cars remote-controlled cars. These RC cars can have various power sources, including small electric motors, rechargeable Nickel-cadmium, and Lithium-polymer cells.

When it comes to a more powerful motor, there is a brushless motor that works with better efficiency than others. However, these brush Motors are more expensive as compared to any other motor. Miniature RC cars also come with a fuel-powered engine that uses a glow plug engine. This type of RC car is known as a nitro car.

However, there are large models of RC cars that have been recently introduced. These large models have gasoline engines that can consume a mixture of oil and gasoline. The most commonly found and easy-to-use RC cars are electric-powered ones. In fact, these electric cars are very fast and they are easier to upgrade as well. RC cars are available as both on-road and off-road vehicles.

5 Types of RC Cars


This type of RC car drives fastest on paved and flat surfaces as they are just like your average streetcars. They are not a good option if you are planning to drive your RC car in the backyard or you are planning to have a car with higher power and faster speed.


These RC cars come with a slick tire, however, they are almost like any average on-road car. They are a good option if you are planning to drive your car fast, however, drifting is not easy so you may need a lot of practice to be a pro.


These cars are a mixture of on-road and off-road cars. They can be driven fastest on-road however they are very slow off-road. They drive slow on off-road runs because of their low wheelbase. This type of car is amazing for those who are unable to decide where they want to drive.


They are almost like buggies however they have monster truck tires. Truggy is the third fastest in the on-road drive.


These are your regular Monster Trucks that are not good for on-road drives. However, they are the best option for having an amazing off-road drive. If you drive a truck on the on-road drive then you might get your truck flipped again and again.

Tips on Buying RC Cars

There are newer and modern versions of RC cars available that come with a speeding capability that can break the road speed limit. However, these improved features also make these RC cars costly. To purchase the best one, here is a guide to buying an amazing RC car.


There are now fast RC cars available and a few years ago, the fastest RC car made a record speed of about 325 kilometers per hour. However, if you are purchasing an average RC car then it can only acquire a bit of that speed.

It is better and quite easy if you find RC cars that can achieve a speed of about 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. Too much speed for an average RC car is not a great idea as well. A car with 50-45 kilometers per hour speed can run pretty fast and it will be affordable as well.


The size of a miniature RC car is measured according to a scale. The scale is relative to any real vehicle. If you see an RC car with 1/14 car size then it means it’s one-fourteenth the dimensions of a full-sized vehicle that it seems like. The car-size which is most common for RC cars is 1/10.

However, some RC cars are double the size and they are made on a scale of ⅕ which makes them very big. Cars made on this scale are very expensive as well. However, it is better that you purchase an RC car with a common scale size. An appropriately sized RC car is more portable and it will be easy for you to find their spare parts.

Electric or Nitro

When purchasing an RC car, you have two options to select from. They are available with either batteries or nitro. Nitro RC cars are those cars that have small internal combustion engines in them. These engines are very similar to those used in motorbikes and lawnmowers. Nitro type of engine requires nitromethane, oil, and methanol.

Moreover, nitro RC cars also require a lot of servicing. There is another drawback of having a nitro car which is, they are quite noisy. That is why more people choose electric RC cars that are faster and easier to maintain as compared to nitro cars. However, you might need to replace batteries often or get them charged.

Battery Type

If you go for a cheaper battery then it has a nickel-metal hydride construction. The cost of these batteries would be lower than $30. These batteries will also reduce just like all the other batteries, however, they last longer as compared to most of the batteries.

Recently, people are seen as shifting towards lithium-polymer batteries. These batteries are comparatively more expensive, however, they can hold more current in mAh. The greater the mAh value of a battery the higher capacity it has, to hold the current. The best part is good quality batteries can make your RC car run faster.

Wheels Quantity

Did you know that RC cars come in 2-wheel (called 2WD) and 4-wheel (called 4WD) variants? The latter of these naturally offer greater speed. Depending on the type of car you’re interested in controlling; you might choose either of the two and adjust the budget you need to keep aside.


You’re probably not aware that two motor types are available or the RC car. One is a “brushed version” that offers less thrust abut is more reliable for the user. RC cars containing this feature are ideal for children and beginners. Those with brushless motors are more suitable for adult RC car drivers, as they can accelerate at higher speeds and are more powerful as a unit.

Best RC Cars to Buy

1. SZJJX RC Off-Road Car Truck Vehicle

This RC car by SZJJX is available in blue color. It is made of rubber and PVC material. The dimensions of this off-road RC car is 5.9 X 6.2 X 11 inches. This car comes with a high-quality protection rack along with dozens of screws that ensure high durability. It is designed to sustain all the crashes which make it perfect for an off-road run. It has a very strong motor installation along with 4 different suspensions for each wheel. The rubber tires of this RC car ensures a high-quality grip on the surface.

2. Ninco Park Racers Renault Sport R.S.01 1:10 RC Car

This RC car by Ninco Park is a racer car that is made for on-road runs. It is made on a 1/10 scale of Renault Sport RS 01. The total weight of this RC car is 1300 grams and the dimensions are 8.19 x 10.1 4 x 21.0 6 inches. It comes with a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery which works at a high speed and has a longer life. The plastic used in the making of this RC car is thermoformed and it can resist all the stress because of its sturdy nature.

3. V VALANCH Rc Car 1/18 Scale Large Remote Control Car

This car checks all boxes for being a great RC vehicle. It comes with an anti-interference controller that allows you to turn it left, right, reverse, forward, and even drift. It’s equipped with 500mAh batteries that let it run for 20 minutes in a go. Also, the wireless function allows users to control it from 66 feet or 20 meters away. You can drive this RC car anywhere: outdoor, indoor, on the ground, on your bed, etc. Customer support from V VALANCH is also great so you don’t get stuck at any point.


RC cars come with a variety of models and scale sizes and from all of these RC cars, you can decide whether you want the fastest one for an on-road or off-road run, and enjoy speeding with them. How about recreating the fast and furious experience right at your home? A couple or RC cars are just what you need to make that happen.