Tips for Picking Radio-Controlled Boats

If you are a newbie in boat model kits, learning interesting facts about boats might catch your attention. So if you have anyone to ask for advice and you are a determined person to figure things on your own, then in this article, we will give you a quick guide to buy your first radio-controlled boats

Electric Motor: Brushed vs. Brushless

If you notice, boats with remote controls are very similar in appearance, but their difference is seen when you’re looking at the inside of the device.

If you have a boat with a brushed collector system, you will have a twenty to thirty kilometers per hour speed. Brushed motors are not durable enough, and they didn’t get along well with lithium-polymer batteries. A brushed Motorboat is cheaper to maintain, but you will get bored after two to three water rides. But if we can advise you and you have that extra budget, go for the boat with a brushless system. With a brushless boat, you can enjoy seventy to one hundred kilometers per hour at the top speed of forty to sixty miles per hour. Talking about the brushless version, it has durability, power, and modern LiPo batteries.

So, it is recommended that these boats are for beginners; the only disadvantage is the price range. But it is worth spending little money, and it is wiser to invest in a worthwhile product.


A radio-controlled vehicle requires regular maintenance. So better think about buying a boat you will need at least to have a lubricant shaft.

Buying a radio-controlled boat in general, make sure that the main components have a large installed central compartment that is easy to maintain. So that you can change or remove desired parts using your hands. In addition, your compartment should be the seal around the entire edge to avoid water out.

There are a few boats where the compartments are tiny, and getting to everything is amazingly inconvenient, other than the batteries are limited in size. So you’ll be sure to a specific measure of batteries, which is not favorable all around.

Spare Parts

When picking an RC boat, you must always pay attention to buying spare parts available anywhere. To avoid the worst situation that it is hard to find details when you encounter some problems. And you might damage the rudder of the boat, propeller, shaft, and if the kit does not include some additional parts, you need them to purchase. Then if it is possible to buy your propeller and shaft simultaneously, that should be enough being a first time.

Mono Boat or Catamaran?

As a beginner and you want a brushed boat, it is preferred to choose a catamaran. They are more steady boats, but it has a large turning radius that was a disadvantage. But if you plan to have a race boat, you better choose a maneuverable boat; why? Because catamaran is not easy to roll over, you need a more maneuverable for a safe ride.


A boat needs to have a stabilizing system since it is very excellent and convenient. There are two types of auto stabilization systems:

  • Floodable chamber. It was very cool when the boat flipped over; the chambers started to fill with water and flip back to the normal position. The section is located on one side of the boat.
  • Rotating propeller. If the boat has fallen belly up, the propeller starts to turn in various directions on the other hand and in this way attempts to raise it “on its feet.”

It is very commendable to anyone to have a boat with auto turnover since it returns to their normal position by themselves, knowing there’s no need for you to swim. And you are not afraid to sail in different weather conditions or fearful of cold water.

And a piece of advice when choosing a radio-controlled boat, don’t be sluggish to watch video reviews. It is a big help for you looking many boats may be the same, but they all drive differently, and it is essential to see it with your own eyes.