Best Remote Control Boats for Teenagers

Remote control boats, also known as RC boats, are considered some of the most fun toys or gadgets to play with. Children and teenagers are usually the ones that experience the most excitement in playing with remote control boats, especially if they are controlling the toy on a very large body of water like a lake or pond. 

Because of how fun they are to use and control, there are already hundreds of different remote control boats available in hobby stores around the world. However, only a few of those RC boats are regarded as some of the best in terms of features, quality, and durability. To know more, here are pieces of information about the best remote control boats for teenagers.

Force1 Velocity H102 RC Boat

First on the list is the Force1 Velocity H102, an RC boat that has a 2.4 GHz transmitter that enables you to control the boat at longer ranges. What’s nice about the H102 is that it looks like a mini speed boat, which is more appealing for teenagers that want a cool-looking boat to control. Moreover, the RC boat comes in four different colors, and these are blue, green, red, and a special blue-green color that has LED lights at the front and the back of the boat. So, it can appeal to more teenagers since they will be able to pick the color they want for the RC boat.

Meanwhile, the remote control of the H102 runs on AA batteries, although we recommend that you purchase rechargeable ones so that you won’t have to keep buying new sets of batteries. When the batteries are at low power, the remote controller has an indicator so that you will know when to replace or recharge batteries. The indicator would also tell if the batteries of the boat are at low power. The batteries of the H102 can last for hours and is safe to use in freshwater.

Helifar RC Boat

The next remote control boat that we will talk about is the Helifar RC Boat, which is a toy or gadget that has a sleek design so that it can travel faster on water. The Helifar RC Boat is also quite versatile, as it can be used for most bodies of still water like lakes and ponds. While the Helifar RC Boat is often marketed toward kids, it is also great for teenagers to enjoy because of its cool design and smooth controls.

What’s also great about the Helifar RC Boat is that it can reach speeds of up to 20MPH, making the toy one of the fastest RC boats suitable for beginners. Much like the Force1 Velocity H102, the Helifar RC Boat also has a 2.4 GHz remote controller that is responsive and can transmit movements to the RC boat even from far away. A neat feature that the remote controller has is that it has four channels, which means you can control up to four Helifar RC boats simultaneously using one controller.

RC HT-3826 Battleship RC Boat

RC ship

For teenagers that want other RC boat designs besides speed boats, a great option for them is the RC HT-3826 Battleship RC Boat. As the name of the toy already suggests, the HT-3826 has a battleship design, specifically the ones that were utilized in World War II. So, if a teenager is a history nerd, he or she will definitely enjoy controlling the RC ship. However, the drawback to this RC boat is that it isn’t really versatile, as it is more suitable for indoor use, particularly in pools or bathtubs.

The battery of the RC boat can last for about 20 minutes, and it will automatically be activated when the RC boat touches water. The said function makes it safe for kids and teenagers to use since it won’t turn on while they are holding the boat in their hands. If you want to give a teenager a nice present that isn’t too heavy and is fun to play with, you should get the HT-3826 Battleship RC Boat.

TopRace TR800 RC Boat

Next on the list is the TopRace TR800, an RC boat that is considered one of the best-valued remote control toys on the market today. Because of how affordable the TR800 is, it is the perfect RC boat to have for beginners or teenagers that are just starting to get into the RC hobby. There are two different types of TR800 models that you can get online. The standard version has a 27 MHz frequency and a blue and white color, and the TR800B version has a red and white color and a 49 MHz frequency.

Both versions of the TR800 are fairly durable, although they can only be used in still water like the ones found in lakes or ponds. You can enjoy controlling the TR800 using the added remote controller for about 6 minutes before you need to recharge them. While the playing time is short, it is sufficient for those that are just learning how to control RC boats.

YEZI Remote Control Boat

remote controllers in different colors

The last remote control boat on this list is the YEZI Remote Control Boat, which is an incredibly fast RC boat that is still easy to maneuver thanks to its unique remote controller that allows you to control the precise movements of the boat with ease. What’s amazing about the YEXI RC boat is that it has a flip recovery feature that allows it to stay afloat even if it gets flipped over by the water. 

The flip recovery feature would flip the boat back into its original position after it is flipped over, so you don’t have to get the RC boat anymore to recover it. The rechargeable battery of the YEZI RC boat can last for up to 15 to 20 minutes before you need to charge it for about two hours to get a full charge. The remote controller can then be powered up using four AA batteries.

And these are some of the best remote control boats or RC boats that you can get for teenagers or even for young adults that want to try controlling an RC boat. Choose the RC boat that you think will suit the preference or style of the person you want to give it to so that he or she can truly enjoy the gift.