Safety Tips To Introducing your Kid to Model Trains

Looking for new hobbies for your kids can be a bit tricky. First, it must keep them busy, but not busy enough to not pay you attention. Second, it must keep them active but not to the extent of making so much mess to their space or wreck the house.

Great hobbies for children allow them to enjoy while sparking their interest and keeping their mental skills at work. You might have hobbies that you want to pass down, but a model train collection is one good option if you don’t have any. Model trains don’t get out of fashion despite the rising of the new and more advanced technologies.

Model Trains for Kids

Model trains are suitable for your kids. Aside from the enjoyment they can get from it, model train collection has proven benefits to children, especially in their crucial developmental stage.

It can improve their locomotor skills, it can encourage creativity, and this hobby can grow with the child. What you have invested in their hobby as a child will not be put to waste. There are many model trains for kids, and there are many tips for beginners online. But before they play, safety first!


Wooden train toy

Beware of Metal

Metals near your model train set can cause a short circuit. If you are putting your model trains out for display on the holidays, steer clear of metallic decorations. If you are worried that your Christmas tree is too big and your kids want their model train on display, there is no need to worry. You can model your own railway.

Battery-Powered vs. Plugged In 

A battery-powered one is the better option for model trains for kids. Kids that need supervision should not be left with wires plugged within their reach, so a battery-powered one is the safer option. This is advisable if you are a busy buddy. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the model train you will purchase because a battery-powered one can be of high caliber.

The only difference when buying battery-powered models is that you cannot add or upgrade accessories that need power, such as houses, signs, trees, and windmills. Nevertheless, this is already a good deal for kids.

Parts Inspection

In every purchase you make, buying a model train for your kids should not be an exception. Make sure that it works fine before you leave the store. However, if you purchased online, check the batteries, the wires, and the railways. Make sure they do not have any rust on the metal tracks and other components. Also, check for rough areas on the tracks.


Friction will cause damage to the model train set. Oil out every area that has already dried out. Parts that need to be lubricated are the following: gears, axles, and the center rail.

Fire safety

One of the most important model train safety tips is to always prevent fires. Like any other gadgets you have at home, model trains can also catch fire and may cause fire. Use materials like fire-proof vinyl under your model train track for safety. You can also prevent sparks and fires by lubricating the model train set when it dries.


Another important model train safety tip is to supervise your kids as they play. Just like introducing any hobbies for kids, you must supervise the first few days of play.

A critical theory of learning in Psychology is modeling. Children follow what they see. Showing the kids how it is properly done and telling them the possible consequences if it is not followed properly is a must. It’s just a few days. Let them get the hang of it first before you leave them be.

train model track with house accessory

Make sure your kids are of the right age

You might be eager to get your kids off your back but what you really want to prioritize is their safety. Many model train sets are not for kids. So you have to be very meticulous when choosing to buy a train set for your kids. Your kids may not be able to build their own train set yet, or they don’t have the skill to work on small pieces.

Sometimes kids don’t have the patience to follow and read a long list of instructions. Therefore, you need to choose just the right model train set for your kid’s skills set.

Fortunately, some ready-to-run models are available in the market. These models seem to be the perfect ones for your children who cannot put small and intricate details together.

Of course, you want the best for your kids and while giving yourself some well-deserved rest. This hobby will entice them to play for hours on end, allowing you, as a parent, to do other chores. But always remember that to rest with no regrets, you need to ensure their safety first.