Safety Tips For Making Model Kits

Model kits are known as relaxing and enjoyable hobbies for adults and children. Just like any other hobby, working on model kits also impose various hazards, especially for kids. That is why if you plan to start a hobby on model kits, you should follow safety protocols to make sure your activity would be fun and relaxing. Not being mindful of the proper manner of working on model kits could cause problems in the future.

If you introduce making model kits to your kids, it is best to be aware of the exemplary practices for them to have an enjoyable experience. There are various safety tips that you need to bear in mind; from cutting out pieces, using glue, as well as polishing, it is essential to follow these tips to make sure your model kit hobby wouldn’t end up as a disaster. In this article, we are going to look into the different safety tips for making model kits.

Use Protective Eyewear

Using protective eyewear serves a lot of purposes. When working on model kits, it is best to use protective eyewear to shield your eyes against various hazards. Whether you are cutting, painting, or using a power tool, your eyes are prone to harm if you are not careful. Working on small pieces of the model kits could send bits of plastic flying. These flying bits could potentially go to your eyes, causing damage. The same thing goes with paint. Most of us probably know that paint often holds dangerous chemicals that are harmful to our body, particularly our eyes. Wearing protective eyewear could help to protect our eyes from these safety threats.

Use a Face Mask

Similar to wearing protective eyewear, you should also remember to use a face mask. Wearing a face mask serves as a shield to protect you against harm when working on model kits. Every time you work on your kits, you are often exposed to various chemicals that might go in your nose when you breathe. In addition to this, you also expect a lot of dust when you are cutting or sanding, which could also cause trouble when you breathe. To prevent the harmful effects of paint and dust, always make sure to wear a face mask every time you work on your model kit.

Be Mindful of Your Tools

Tools are your friend when working on model kits. Whether you use knives, glue, or motor tools, you should always know how to handle them with care. When using power tools, pay attention to proper handling techniques to avoid injuries. Furthermore, when you are done using them, don’t forget to unplug the wire. If you are working with your kid or letting them work alone, always supervise their progress, especially if they need to use power tools. If your kid is still not capable or confident of handling motor tools, you can always use the tools for them.

Follow Proper Cutting Techniques

Just like using other tools, cutting also requires skillful hands to do perfectly. When using a knife, you should be mindful of the proper technique to make sure your cuts are just the right size and avoid injury. There are different cutting methods, which depend on the type of materials you are using. One thing to remember when cutting is to apply force gently to prevent the material from breaking. Moreover, if your kids are working on model kits and would need to use cutting tools, always make sure to supervise their work to avoid injuries. Kids often can’t control their hands the way adults do. It is best to help them cut out small pieces and guide them on the correct hand positions to prevent injuries.

Don’t Use a Dull Knife

Along with proper cutting techniques, another safety tip you need to remember is never to use a dull knife. Using a dull blade makes your work more difficult. In addition to this, your hands are more prone to getting injured because the knife slips more quickly compared to when you are using a sharp knife. Before working on your model kit, make sure to prepare your cutting tools. Sharpen the blades of your knife to cut more manageable and to ensure excellent quality.