Introduction to Traxxas Cars

Since radio-controlled vehicles were invented, it attracted several enthusiasts who were all willing to spend large amounts of money and time. Most of these enthusiasts were interested in the entertainment that RC cars bring. However, many of them were also discouraged by the demands and the intimidating task of constructing a remote-controlled car from scratch. Thankfully, Traxxas RC cars were established, and it was able to make a bridge for beginners to join the industry.

What is Traxxas Cars?

Traxxas was established in 1987 and started selling a series of electric powered buggy and stadium truck models. Two years after, Traxxas released their first radio-controlled boat called the Villan IV. It was until 1992 when Traxxas released their first RTR nitro model the named the Nitro Hawk. It was followed by an RTR nitro boat called the Nitro Vee.

Traxxas Cars were the first company to create ready-made remote-controlled cars that do not require any complicated construction. This move opened the door to new RC consumers, and it also allowed other enthusiasts to enjoy racing and games without the worry of going through the construction process. Traxxas cars are made with high-quality parts, which is why their ready-made remote-controlled cars still give off an outstanding performance.

Since then, Traxxas was hailed as the brand when it comes to radio-controlled cars. Their best-selling series are the Ready-To-Race nitro and electric radio-controlled vehicles. The company is dedicated to making RC cars with innovative and fun designs that can quickly help anyone get started in radio-controlled cars. Aside from cars, Traxxas also have different radio-controlled products such as speedboats, trucks, and quadcopters. Aside from this, they also produce a line of accessories to give their consumers a completely personalized experience.

Traxxas RC cars make it easy for anyone to be more interested in the exciting world of hobby quality car racing. As their skills and knowledge about radio-controlled cars develop, these enthusiasts can start to advance further by getting themselves a next level RC with a degree of performance capability and difficulty they wish to take on.

Traxxas’ Innovation in RC Cars

Traxxas cars were the first-ever radio-controlled car manufacturer to make some of the industry’s most innovative products. These innovations include making the first-ever fuel-burning ready-to-run RC, the first RC with a high/low transmission, the first RC that has remote-operated locking differentials, the first driver-actuated RC with forward and reverse transmission, and the first self-righting monster trucks.

Where Can I Purchase a Traxxas RC?

There are several ways you can get a Traxxas hobby-class RC vehicle. You can try looking at internet hobby shops, your local hobby shops, and even mail-order hobby retailers, which are usually advertised in various radio-controlled hobby magazines. All of these choices offer a wide array of radio-controlled vehicles and accessories, support equipment, and parts. However, we highly suggest that you first look at your local hobby shops as they are the best RC gear sources. These shops can provide support and assistance after the sale as most local hobby shops also offer service for the RC cars they sell. This is important, especially if you’re a newbie to the RC hobby. Local hobby shops also allow you to see the RC car in person and have experienced personnel who takes you through a vast RC hobby background. They can help you make your decisions on picking the right equipment for you.

On the other hand, mail-order and online stores can also be the right choice. In fact, you can even find models and equipment at a lesser cost. However, keep in mind that the savings you can make by purchasing through mail order don’t always compensate for the advantage you can get from buying in a local hobby shop. Online and mail-order stores do not give a personal and hands-on experience.