How to Maintain Your Model Trains and Planes

If you are looking for the ideal hobby that you could do in your free time or when you are spending time with your kid? Working on model trains and planes are some of the activities that work best for both children and adults. Model trains and planes offer an enjoyable time for you and your kid. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, and it is known for giving several benefits to the user.

The endless possibilities of model trains and planes is also another feature why it is an exciting activity. It helps build a person’s creativity and skills through its complex and unique designs. You need to have skillful hands to work on these model toys as they require preciseness for the parts to fit perfectly together. That is why maintaining sharp cutting tools is also essential in getting the job done. Once you are done with your model train or plane, all that’s left to do is to put it on display and admire your work.

However, putting it on display makes it prone to dust and other harmful elements outside. That is why it is also best for you to take extra measures in maintaining and protecting your model toys for them to look their best always. In this article, we are going to look into tips on how to maintain your model trains and planes.

Clean Your Model Toys

To keep your model toys in the best condition, the first thing you need to remember is to clean them. Cleaning is one of the simplest and easiest things you could do to lengthen the lifespan of your model trains, planes, and other toys. Cleaning your model trains removes dust and dirt, which cause damages to your toys. It is best to use a light feather duster to remove dust and dirt. Occasionally, you can also wash them with detergent and water to remove grime. Just remove the screws and body parts gently, then place them in the basin filled with soap and water. Wash them thoroughly, making sure all of the dirt and grime is removed. Once finished, dry the body parts with a clean towel, then reassemble. After cleaning your model toys, you will see a significant improvement in their performance. They will look good as new and would be less prone to damages.

Check and Clean the Railway Tracks

If you have a model train, another tip you need to mindful of is to monitor your railway tracks regularly. It is best to use the green scotch pad of a sponge to clean the railway tracks. A dry sponge is recommended; you need to scrub the plastic gently to remove dust and dirt. If your railway track is dirtier than usual, you can use alcohol or a liquid track cleaning solution to make sure all dirt and grime are removed. A clean railway track eases the train’s movement. It also helps prevent damage to the train’s wheels, making it last longer. After cleaning the track, it is also advisable to use lube to loosen and smoothen the railway. Being mindful of these practices would ensure a better performing and sturdier model train.

Apply Gear Lube

As mentioned earlier, applying lube is an essential technique to keep your railway in good condition. Just like the train tracks, gears should also be lubricated regularly. Whether you are working on trains or planes, always check for gears that are needed to be lubricated. Apply lube on rusty parts to help loosen and preserve their lifespan. It is best to make this a habit to ensure a better performance from the model toy. Applying lube constantly to the gears would also help prevent your model toy from getting damaged, which would make it endure harmful elements.

These are only some of the best practices you can do to make your model train and plane sturdier and function properly. If you are a fan of model toys, you should always be mindful of maintaining their good condition. These tips are ideal for keeping your model toys in the best shape, making them last longer.