What are the Fastest RC Cars?

There are thousands of different RC cars that have been created and sold over the years, but only a few are considered faster than others. Some of the fastest RC cars in the world can even compete with real cars in terms of speed, although some fast RC cars would truly have an advantage since they are significantly smaller than real cars and are also much lighter.

Interestingly, fast RC cars are usually larger in size compared to slower ones, and the reason why they are often larger is that they need bigger parts that are more durable and more suitable for fast speeds. To know more about the very fast RC cars that you would often see on RC race tracks or international RC races, here are details about the fastest RC cars available today.

Traxxas XO-1

Many consider the Traxxas XO-1 as the world’s fastest RC car, and it deserves that title for a good reason. The reason why it is regarded as the fastest RC car in the world is that it is one of the few RC cars that can run for 100 MPH, which is quite an amazing feat considering that most fast RC cars can only go for about 50 MPH. In fact, it can already achieve a speed of 100 MPH in just five seconds. 

Besides its durable and reliable interior parts, the Traxxas XO-1 features an aerodynamically optimized exterior so that it wouldn’t go against the wind too much, and it will remain stable even at fast speeds. The chassis of the Traxxas XO-1 is a 6061 aluminum chassis core that offers strength to the RC car while also serving as a heat sink to the power system.

Redcat Tornado EPX Pro

RC buggy for off-road racing

Another fast RC car is the Tornado EPX Pro, which is actually a 4WD electric buggy that can reach great speeds of up to 50 MPH. The Tornado EPX Pro has a 2.4 GHz transmitter, which is the standard frequency for a lot of RC cars in the market. However, what makes it different from most RC cars is its 3300KV brushless 540 motor that enables it to run at high speeds.

The Tornado EPX Pro also has an adjustable suspension so that you can even use it on rocky terrain or uneven roads. The suspension system is also independent so that other wheels wouldn’t have to absorb the impact felt by one wheel. The wheels also have aggressive racing tires so that they can really be used for off-road racing. To survive hits and bumps, the EPX Pro has anodized aluminum parts that are proven to be durable and reliable.

JLB Racing Cheetah

Next on the list is the JLB Racing Cheetah, which is similar to the Tornado EPX Pro because it is an electric buggy, and it can also reach speeds of up to 50 MPH depending on its setup. The JLB Racing Cheetah is built for off-road racing as it has big wheels and aggressive tire patterns that make it very suitable for rocky terrain, muddy tracks, and uneven roads. However, it is also a good RC car for racing on roads, thus making it a very versatile electric buggy.

One of the best features of the JLB Racing Cheetah is that it has a 2500KV electric motor that is strong enough to handle 50+ MPH speeds. According to JLB Racing, you can even install a Li-Po 4S battery so that you can power up the motor and reach speeds of up to 65 MPH. However, the motor may overheat from this upgrade, so it is recommended if you don’t want to test the durability of the RC car.

HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 Ford GT Heritage Edition

racing RC cars

If you want to have a fast RC car that looks like a mini version of an actual sports car, the best one for you to get is the HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 Ford GT Heritage Edition. This RC car borrows the design and appearance of the Ford GT40, a very popular vintage car that became prominent in the Le Mans endurance race scene during the late 1960s. Interestingly, the colors that were used in the RC car were also the colors used on the Ford GT40 that was driven during the 1968 24 Hours of Le Mans Race.

The looks of this RC car aren’t its only highlight, as it also features a very powerful 4000KV brushless motor, which allows the remote control car to reach speeds of up to 70 MPH. However, keep in mind that this RC car is specifically designed for asphalt or cemented roads, so it may just get damaged on rocky and uneven terrain. Because of how good the RC car looks, you can even use it as a display piece for your desk whenever you are not using it for racing or for fun.

Losi Baja Rey Ford Raptor

If you want a Ford-licensed RC car that is great to use for off-road racing, then you should check out the Losi Baja Rey Ford Raptor. The design of the Losi Baja Rey is based on the Ford Raptor, which is a line of pickup trucks and SUVs developed by Ford to cater to off-road enthusiasts. The Losi Baja Rey Ford Raptor has a 3800KV brushless e-motor that allows it to have a top speed of 50 MPH.

Although the Baja Rey isn’t as fast as the RS4 Sport 3 RC car developed by HPI racing, it is considered more durable since it is specifically designed for off-road racing. However, on even asphalt roads, the HPI RC car is still the best choice. If you like racing on even roads and rocky roads, it would be best if you could buy both the Losi Baja Rey and the HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3.

And there you have it, the fastest RC cars that you can buy today and try out. There are probably RC cars that are faster than the ones we have mentioned above, but those are still being tested to ensure that they are durable and strong enough to withstand speeds that exceed 100 MPH. For now, you can check out the RC cars we added to the list so that you can experience how fast these small automobiles can actually go.