Top 5 Boat Model Kits

Scale modeling is indeed an enjoyable hobby that makes you work on your table for hours and hours. Working on model kits is a great way to relax after a long week at your job; it also gives you a sense of achievement after it’s finished. You can either put it on display or sell it online. Interestingly, some people also give them as gifts.

Moreover, there are various types of model kits available in the market. The diversity of model kits gives the user a lot more designs to choose from, and the possibilities are endless. The most common model kits are trains, planes, and of course, boats. If you are a boater or just someone who is fascinated with boats, working on a boat model kit is a great way to spend your free time. Working on boat models gives you the chance to design your own boat and put it on display. 

Just like any other model kit, boat models also have various designs to choose from. That is why in this article, we are going to look into the top five boat model kits any boat-lover would surely enjoy. 

All-In-One Bounty Launch

If you are a beginner when it comes to model kits but want to start your hobby in scale modeling, the All-In-One Bounty Launch is a great choice for you. It is a model that is best for both newbies and advanced modelers. It has a beautiful appearance, along with its basic structure that is extremely user-friendly. Despite being fairly easy to make, the All-In-One Bounty Launch has a stylish design and incredible details. So if you are a boat fan and looking forward to starting your journey as a scale modeler, this is a model kit you should definitely consider buying. 

Albatross Model Ship Kit

For more experienced scale modelers who are on a tight budget, Albatross Model Ship Kit is a boat model the ideal choice for you. The Albatross Model has a relatively lower price compared to other models the same size as it, making it the ideal choice if you are looking for a kit that that is budget-friendly. This model kit also boasts its classical appearance, along with great details. In addition to this, the Albatross Model Ship Kit has simple pieces, making it easy to assemble without compromising its beauty. 

Buccaneer Model Ship

If you are looking for a more advanced model kit design, the Buccaneer Model Kit is an excellent choice. Just like the other model kits on the list, the Buccaneer Model Ship is known for having a classical design but with more details. The amount of details present on this model ship shows why it is not a model kit for beginners. It is packed with fascinating features at a reasonable price; that is why it is included in our list. The Buccaneer Model Ship is the perfect model kit for those seeking a challenge and who want to improve their scale modeling skills. 

Gorch Fock Model Ship Kit

If you want to put your scale modeling skills to the test, the Gorch Fock Model Ship Kit is sure to suit your demands. The Gorch Fock Model Ship Kit is relatively difficult to build, mainly because of its incredible details. This model ship is also larger compared to the other models on the list; it has a length of thirty-seven inches, a width of ten inches, and a height of twenty-two inches. The Gorch Fock Model Ship Kit showcases a massive ship of the German Navy; its size is what makes it more interesting. Its large size comes along with a luxurious design that is truly a challenge for expert scale modelers. 

18th Century Armed Longboat Kit

Last on the list is the classical model ship: 18th Century Armed Longboat Kit. Unlike the Gorch Fock Model Ship Kit, the 18th Century Armed Longboat Kit is a relatively smaller boat in terms of height. Despite having a massive body, this model kit is known for having a basic structure. It is an excellent choice for both beginner and expert scale modelers, mainly because of its casual design and large body.