Ideas for Robot Model Projects for Students

If there is one particular subject or activity that most kids or students will surely love, that subject would be robotics, which is focused on teaching kids how robots work, how they are made, and their benefits to society. One of the most fun activities within the subject is building a robot model kit, which can sometimes be either simple or difficult to do depending on the kit that will be assigned in class.

Building a robot kid alone can be challenging for students, which is why many teachers would often apply fun ideas to make the activity less difficult and more exciting. If you are a teacher that is currently teaching your students how to build robot kits, we are here to offer you several tips on how to make the project more fun for them. Here are some ideas for robot model projects for students.

assembled toy robot

Make It a Group Project

In order to make the project easier for students, you can form them into groups so that they will help each other accomplish the task. Besides learning how to build robots, the students will also be able to learn or enhance leadership skills, communications skills, and teamwork during group projects.

In addition, the students in the same group may form a bond that may eventually lead to them having more friends. Making the activity a group project is certainly more fun than forcing the students to build robots on their own.

Allow Them to Pick a Robot Kit

Letting them pick the robot kit to build will get them more interested in the project, as they are more curious about how the robot would be assembled and what they would look like after. To get them a better idea of what to choose, you can show them videos of the robot kits that you have for them to choose from. Then, you can make a poll so that students can vote which one they like the best. Of course, the majority wins in the poll, and the model kit with the most votes is the one that will be built in class.

Let Them Be Creative

Once they get the hang of building robot kits, you can then let them be creative by assembling unique robots that have their own designs and mechanics. Through this activity, you will enhance their creativity, which would then be helpful in them being more imaginative and not be stuck in formulas and codes.

You can give the students sets of paint and brushes so that they can customize the look of their robots, and you may also give them some tips on how to add more codes to the robot. However, their creativity may not be fully realized if they don’t have enough skills to build a proper robot, so you can save the creative activity once they are already used to building robot kits.

Sign Them Up for a Workshop

If there are any robot-building workshops near your location, you can sign your students up for a workshop in order for them to learn more about robots and how to build them. The workshop would typically teach robotics better than in class since it is their specialty, so if you want the students to improve in the subject or activity, you can get them to a workshop with the permission of their parents.

In the workshop, they will learn not just the basics but also the complex aspects of robots, which could then help in their creativity, as some robots can have build-your-own mechanics that don’t require kids to follow the instruction manual included in the kits. In addition, the workshop can also unlock the potential of students that are already good at constructing robots or coding them, and this unlocked potential can help the students have a clearer path to pursue in their career as a programmer or any profession related to robotics and computers.

Give Them Robot Kits as Gifts

During the project, there will be some kids that will display significant interest in building more robot kits. So, the best way to encourage the students to turn the activity into a hobby is to give robot kits as a gift for Christmas or for their birthday. By giving them a robot kit, they will have a chance to build a robot at home and have fun assembling the kit while with their family or relatives. Moreover, they can also practice building robots while at home so that they are better prepared for the next robot project in class.

So, these are just some simple ideas for robot model projects that you can give to your class. Remember that school robot projects should always be fun since they are already complicated when done seriously, so make the activity as enjoyable and as exciting as possible for your students.