What Types of Tools are Needed for Gunpla Building?

Working table of a Gunpla Modelist and tools

To protect your table from cuts, a large cutting mat is a useful accessory. You can use a hobbyist toolbox, which has compartments for things like scissors, paintbrushes, and paint bottles. You can keep your thinners and paints in one place while keeping your hand tools in a removable top section of … Read more

Model Kits of Famous Robots

Model Kits of Famous Robots

Plastic model kit assembly is a popular hobby. It is meticulous, detailed, and time-consuming, but it is a worthwhile activity. After hours of gluing, fitting parts, and painting, you have a scale model of your favorite character, automobile, or plane. Robot models are particularly popular right now as a result of franchises … Read more

10 Best Robotics Toy Kits for Kids and Teens

The Lego Mindstorm NXT is a robotics programmed golf-bot that allows children to enjoy STEM-based toy activities.

Playing with robotic toys can teach a child a variety of abilities. They can aid in fine motor coordination, critical thinking, and a variety of other skills. Some robots require assembly, which might improve your child’s dexterity. It will assist children in reading and following directions while also promoting analytical thinking. Assembling … Read more

Tools Needed to Build Robot Model Kits

Tools Needed to Build Robot Model Kits

Although it may appear that computer programming or coding for children and teenagers has just recently gained popularity, educators have been aware of it for more than six decades. They get critical confidence and a head start. Learning to build a robot is an even more accessible and appealing way to get … Read more

Fun Machine Learning Projects for Tech Hobby Enthusiasts

A woman working on the computer

If you’re a lot of people, then you love learning about new technologies and playing around with them to see what they can do. If you’re also interested in machine learning, there are a lot of fun machine learning projects that you can try on your own! In this blog post, we’ll … Read more

Tips for Getting Started with Robotics as a Hobby

Concentrated man repairing drone detail with screwdriver

Technology grows at an exponential level nowadays. Sometimes one finds it difficult to grasp the vastness of technological advancement. In robotics and engineering, one can only surmise that these become possible because of scientists, professionals, and researchers alone.  However, as years go by, it has also been proven that the complex world … Read more