1st Art Gallery Full Review

Art for centuries has sustained us, left us in awe, and even shook us by our shoulders when the need arose. When art has ticked all the boxes for us as a society, the question comes to mind what we are doing to preserve it like the treasure it is.

Art loves decoded these questions decades ago which led to the birth of museums and art galleries. The moral and historical responsibility we have towards being custodians of art is what is fulfilled by these places of preservation.

A change in medium further led to bringing art into the digital sphere for increased visibility and added accessibility to art aficionados. One such portal is 1st Art Gallery, a renowned online art supplier, more about which will be discussed in the following sections.

What Is the 1st Art Gallery?

1st Art Gallery is the world’s largest online supplier of made-to-order handmade paintings and portraits. The gallery further hosts an obedient clientele of tens of thousands of customers across a span of over 120 countries. These satisfied customers include the Royal Family, big hotel chains, luxury cruise liners, interior design firms, and Hollywood production houses.

1st Art Gallery attracts a large customer base because of the stupendous amount of effort that is generously put into each artwork along with the expertise of the artists. Only premium-quality materials go into curating an art piece and quality control is ensured throughout the organization.

Moreover, if you are a new customer what will make you trust the gallery is a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime guarantee that comes complimentary with paintings. Moreover, a yelp review of ⅘ and hundreds of written and video testimonials will allow you to put your faith in the gallery without hesitation.

What Does the 1st Art Gallery Do?

1st Art Gallery as an art supplier shoulders the responsibility to give its customer a taste of real hand painted art. An enormous catalog of world-famous painters from any century lay in front of you to choose from. You can order a reproduction of any artwork which will be taken upon by a team of artists, heavily armed with artistic experience.

Other than supplying reproductions, 1st Art Gallery also takes pleasure in recreating your digital photographs with real brushes and real oil painting to immortalize special moments. The handmade portrait service has served many customers since 2002 and all one has to do is upload a picture.

Another task that 1st Art Gallery has managed to pull off is taking the burden of finding the perfect funny and personal gift. The gallery will transform any picture of yours into royalty by adding fun elements like a crown and throne.

A guide to choosing an artwork of your choice

Choosing from thousands of artworks and narrowing it down to the right one can be an overwhelming as well as a daunting task. 1st art gallery perfectly understands the dilemma that comes with making the right decision for yourself and hence, has bifurcated all its artworks into categories. These categories have subcategories which will tour you through several artists, art styles and museum exhibits for you to take your pick.

If you are a fan of Romanticism and revel in unearthing the exhilarating marvels of mother nature through a critical lens, click on the art movement. You will find an array of famed artists, masters of the style including Tuner, Cole, Constable, Stubbs, and more. If you are looking for a soothing landscape to place above your mantle this piece from Thomas Cole will be your best.


While making for a piece of picturesque art, The Picnic also displays humans and nature coexisting in harmony and at peace which has always been a relevant issue. The nuances of say, real-looking clouds, luscious greenery, and a soothing palette further make this a must-have piece.

If a quick, no-brainer gift is what you are on the search for then click on ‘Top 500 paintings’ which will direct to the gallery’s bestsellers. A popular choice is The Kiss by Gustav Klimt which is a masterpiece portraying a couple in a passionate embrace, laden in real gold.

Go through samples of previous customers

Online dealing comes with a side of initial friction from the customer front. But, the 1st Art Gallery is fully armed to fight away your fears and any trust issues with a sword of previously-made samples. These samples display the reproduction painted by the gallery’s amply trained artists and the original masterpieces to showcase the resemblance and supreme quality.

Client testimonials for the win

If you are hesitant to rely on an online site, glance over at real testimonials from previous clients of the 1st art gallery. The testimonials section comprises both written and video-format testimonials to build your trust and bond with the organization.

The Bottom Line

1st art gallery is not only an online marketplace of art but aims to celebrate years of art that continue to mesmerize and interest millions. It shoulders the responsibility to gifting you the artwork of your choice by displaying a variety of such stellar and classic masterpieces https://www.1st-art-gallery.com to choose from.