What are the Different Scales of Model Trains?

model train diorama

If you are currently looking for a hobby, building model trains may be one of the best hobbies that you should try. Building model trains is a very fulfilling and satisfying hobby that enables you to design and upgrade your model train sets to your liking. Did you know that the person … Read more

Advantages of Massages Before and After Train Travel

travelers waiting to board a train

Train travel is a great way to get from place to place. Not only is it an efficient and cost-effective way to move around, but it also gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery. That said, train travel can be quite demanding, both physically and mentally. Sitting in uncomfortable … Read more

Underwater Railways

The Channel Tunnel exhibit at a museum

The wonderful world of trains has a fascinating history, but the more recent advancements might be even more interesting. While everyone news about the Underground Railway in London, there are now underwater railways operating in several parts of the world. The first ever underwater railway tunnel was a test run in Kibblesworth … Read more

How Common Are Train and Car Accidents?

The car had an accident at a railway crossing. Passenger car collided with a train.

Train accidents and car accidents are both tragic events that can lead to loss of life and serious injuries. Every year, thousands of people die due to train and car accidents. While car accidents are more common, train accidents have the potential to cause much more damage. Still, both are known to … Read more

Movies That Have a Train in Them

Movie poster of the Snowpiercer

Train movies are a genre all their own. There’s something about the power and majesty of a train that is captured on film and resonates with audiences. Whether it’s a thriller, a drama, or even a comedy, there’s just something special about trains that makes them perfect for the big screen. In … Read more

The History of Trains

Old steam locomotive. Old vintage steam-powered train rides on rails.

Train travel is a popular choice to get around the world and has been for centuries. Trains were first used as a way to move troops and cargo but soon became a popular way to travel for civilians as well. Over the years, the wonderful world of trains has evolved into a … Read more