What is Lego Mindstorms?

First-generation RCX programmable brick

Back then, people look at Legos as a typical toy for the kids to play with. Many adults or household members got the chance to step on one of them as the children scattered them on the floor during their playing time. While ordinary folks only remember Legos as disposable like any … Read more

Fun Ideas for Building Robot Models

different sizes of robot model kits

Building robot model kits has become one of the most popular hobbies in today‚Äôs era. While it is not as simple as some other hobbies like playing video games, building model kits is surprisingly more satisfying to do, as finally completing the assembly of a robot you built feels very rewarding and … Read more

Ideas for Robot Model Projects for Students

robot model for kids

If there is one particular subject or activity that most kids or students will surely love, that subject would be robotics, which is focused on teaching kids how robots work, how they are made, and their benefits to society. One of the most fun activities within the subject is building a robot … Read more

What are the Different Types of Robot Model Kits?

High Grade model kit

One of the most popular hobbies that plenty of people have today is building robot model kits. Besides being a fairly relaxing hobby, robot models kits also help build dexterity, memory skills, better attention to detail, and creativity. So, it could be safe to say that robot model kits are not just … Read more

Tips for Picking a Model Robot Kit

HG Gundam Barbatos

Building robot model kits is fun, but picking and building the wrong kit for you can take away the enjoyment of the hobby. So, it is essential for both beginners and veterans of building model kits to know which kits are suitable for their skill and their preferences. Picking the right model … Read more

All About Emotional AI

All About Emotional AI

For the longest time, science fiction movies, stories, and novels often depict robots as machines with monotonic speech, sans any variations in tone and volume. While they may have simulated human intelligence, these droids are devoid of human emotions, making it easier to tell the difference between robots and humans. That was … Read more