Ideas For Building Star Trek Model Ships

NCC-1701, main setting of the original Star Trek series

Imagine one of your favorite Star Trek ships sitting in a sweet spot in your room in all its glory. You look at it every single day as you enter and leave your room, you show it to all your Trekkie friends, it is the highlight of your day and the pride … Read more

Ideas for Building Models of Famous Landmarks


Most of us can identify a city when we see its skyline. This is because several buildings stand out and become more recognizable because of their distinctive architecture. This is why most people like to create historical landmarks and facilities models to have a physical miniature representation of their own. However, building … Read more

Top Rated RC Drones for Teenagers

A flying quadcopter drone

As mankind leans much more towards technology, it’s just right to say that we’ve already adapted and drastically changed the way we live with technology. We are basically using technology for daily tasks. We use it at home, at work, and even in our free time.  Moreover, our lives completely revolve around … Read more