What is Epoxy Resin and How is It Used in Model Building?

a hand holding two tubes with epoxy glue ingredients: resin and hardener

Epoxy adhesives are long-lasting, versatile, and heat resistant. You can use them in almost any situation where two materials need to be glued together—for example, gluing a detail to a larger structure, binding subfloors, reinforcing a fastener, or model building (especially when you’re out of model glue). You can also use epoxy … Read more

What is Canopy Glue and How is it Used in Model Building?

bottles of canopy glue stacking up hand holding a white bottle of glue

Canopy Glue does an excellent job sticking materials like cardstock, metal, plastic, and wood together. That is why canopy glue is frequently used in model building since it’s compatible with different materials and is very beginner-friendly.  From the name itself, they created canopy glue for aircraft modelers. Aircraft modelers had been struggling … Read more

What is Cyanoacrylate CA Glue and How Is It Used in Model Building?

a metal tube of instant super glue isolated on a white background

The model-building world is fantastic, especially after hobbyists’ efforts to turn an idea into a viable solution have been made professionally and enthusiastically. The process is complex, but modern technology has enabled it to be simplified, making it easier to get the best outcomes and the most realistic aspect. Super glue, an … Read more

What Are the Best Types of No Glue Model Kits?

boat model kit

Maybe you’ve grown weary of using bricks and blocks, but you still want to construct something with your own two hands? Perhaps it’s time for you to start constructing plastic model kits. One of the most fulfilling hobbies is building model kits. No other pastime enables you to meticulously construct replicas of … Read more

What is Aliphatic Glue and How is It Used in Model Building?

a wood glue on sandpaper beside wooden blocks with swirls of glue on them

Glues were once produced from old horses (the hoofs, skins, bones, and other parts, when boiled, generate protein gelatin forming the glue base). These organic hide glues are still used today, though they are most likely used by fine furniture restorers when repairing fragments of treasured antique furniture in museums and homes. … Read more