Tips for Getting Your Child Started with RC as a Hobby

orange and blue RC car

The RC hobby has been growing in recent years, and it is not just a hobby that only kids can enjoy because adults have started to transform the hobby into something complex and versatile. Gone were the days when only simple RC cars could be bought in toy stores, as there are … Read more

Introduction to ARRMA RC Cars

buggy used for off-road racing

There are now hundreds of different RC brands that sell various RC products around the world, but only a few are considered the most popular and the best when it comes to providing high-quality RC cars or vehicles for hobbyists and people that want to get into the RC hobby. One of … Read more

What are the Top RC Brands for Adults?

RC car designed by Kyosho

In today‚Äôs era, the RC hobby has grown from something that only kids could enjoy to a platform where adults will be able to do races, flying competitions, and heavy customizations for different kinds and models of RC vehicles and aircraft. Because of how complex the RC hobby is today, many would … Read more

What are the Top RC Brands?

Traxxas RC car

The RC hobby has remained popular for many years, and it is mainly thanks to the brands that have done their best to promote the hobby and provide people with high-quality and feature-packed RC vehicles and aircraft. Some of the RC brands that we know well today have actually survived for years, … Read more

What are the Fastest RC Cars?

colorful RC car

There are thousands of different RC cars that have been created and sold over the years, but only a few are considered faster than others. Some of the fastest RC cars in the world can even compete with real cars in terms of speed, although some fast RC cars would truly have … Read more

An Introduction to Pinewood Derby as a Hobby

An Introduction to Pinewood Derby as a Hobby

When they held the first Pinewood Derby race in Manhattan Beach, California, in 1953, it gave birth to a pure form of competition. Simply put, who can construct the fastest car on a straight track? Pinewood Derby has maintained its integrity over the years, proceeding to provide kids and parents with incredibly … Read more