What are the Fastest RC Boats?

mini speedboat

RC boats are great to have as an entryway to the remote control or RC hobby, as RC boats are relatively easy to control and are actually fun to play with. However, RC boats are not just for beginners, as they can also be modified and upgraded to have better controls or … Read more

Have Fun Building Model Ships

a close up on the details of a wooden ship model

A well-finished, well-crafted model ship has a lot to offer. When done correctly, the art, history, and craft all combine to create a statement piece that will look fantastic no matter where you display it. And if you’re searching for a model ship to assemble but don’t know where to begin, model … Read more

Best Remote Control Boats for Teenagers

small RC boat on a lake

Remote control boats, also known as RC boats, are considered some of the most fun toys or gadgets to play with. Children and teenagers are usually the ones that experience the most excitement in playing with remote control boats, especially if they are controlling the toy on a very large body of … Read more

Tips for Building Aircraft Carrier Models

3D Model for Aircraft carrier

Building aircraft carrier models or any other type of scale modeling is an interesting hobby. While some people caught on since they were quite young, others jump the bandwagon to pass the time. Regardless, scale modeling puts several skills to the test and caters to the interest of both the young and … Read more

How Do They Get That Ship in the Bottle Anyway?

A ship in a bottle

Miniatures are undeniably eye-catching. These have different types and could be an embellishment or a collection. You might have seen and heard a ship in a bottle, one of the miniatures in line. It can be frequently seen in the souvenir shops when traveling and became a decoration in houses or for … Read more

Tips for Picking Radio-Controlled Boats

Ship Captain’s Control

If you are a newbie in boat model kits, learning interesting facts about boats might catch your attention. So if you have anyone to ask for advice and you are a determined person to figure things on your own, then in this article, we will give you a quick guide to buy … Read more