What are the Different Types of RC Planes?

RC glider

Flying RC planes is one of the most favorite hobbies of people across the globe. It is an enjoyable activity that everyone should experience at least once or twice in their lifetime. While flying real planes is impossible for a lot of people, particularly those that don’t have training or education for … Read more

The Basics of Flying RC Planes

Possible Risks of Using Remote Control Toys

Flying RC planes has become popular in recent years. More people are turning this into a hobby, either for sheer fun or learning more about flying using remote controllers. Adding to that, newer, affordable, and easy-to-work-with models are also showing up on the market each day. Thus, it attracts more individuals to … Read more

Who are the Major RC Helicopter Brands?

RC helicopter

The RC hobby has many pathways and crossroads, as there are different kinds of RC vehicles and aircraft for you to try. Many beginners in the hobby would start with RC cars, and then they will eventually move on to trying RC boats, RC planes, and RC helicopters.  Out of all types … Read more

What are the Fastest RC Airplanes?

RC plane

Although RC cars and boats are very popular within the RC hobby scene, there are still a lot of people that prefer RC airplanes, as they often enjoy flying more than driving or sailing. However, one of the reasons why RC planes are not as popular as the other types of RCs … Read more

Largest Model Airplanes

A plastic model plane

Model plane building is a popular hobby in many parts of the world. The kits available in the market and online come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, with some even giving the hobbyist a chance to customize their creations. There are also some model plane enthusiasts that take their hobby to … Read more

Things Not to Do When Flying RC Planes

RC Plane

A radio-controlled airplane makes for an excellent present for people of all ages, whether they are children or adults. In contrast to camera drones, these are a lot of fun to fly but require a higher level of skill to stay air and land without accident. The thrill of flying can be … Read more