What is the Best Glue for Ceramics?

broken ceramic plate and a bottle of glue

Breaking and destroying ceramic items would always happen from time to time. Sometimes, it would be frustrating, especially if you broke your favorite ceramic or the most expensive one you have. However, repairing your broken ceramic would be a piece of cake with the help of the best glues for ceramics on … Read more

What is the Best Glue for Glass?

man in a checkered polo gluing glass

Unlike other model materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, etc., glass is a strong and versatile material that could last for many years. However, the downside with glass is that it is prone to breaking or cracking even when you are extremely cautious about handling it. On a brighter note, you don’t … Read more

What is the Best Glue for Plastic?

the tips of different bottles of glue

Do you require dependable glue for your next plastic model construction project? Or perhaps you need to repair a broken piece? Several types of glue are available for joining plastics, but determining which glue is best for your needs can be difficult. Some glues behave differently on various plastics, while others differ … Read more

What is Cyanoacrylate CA Glue and How Is It Used in Model Building?

a metal tube of instant super glue isolated on a white background

The model-building world is fantastic, especially after hobbyists’ efforts to turn an idea into a viable solution have been made professionally and enthusiastically. The process is complex, but modern technology has enabled it to be simplified, making it easier to get the best outcomes and the most realistic aspect. Super glue, an … Read more

What is Aliphatic Glue and How is It Used in Model Building?

a wood glue on sandpaper beside wooden blocks with swirls of glue on them

Glues were once produced from old horses (the hoofs, skins, bones, and other parts, when boiled, generate protein gelatin forming the glue base). These organic hide glues are still used today, though they are most likely used by fine furniture restorers when repairing fragments of treasured antique furniture in museums and homes. … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cutting Mat?

craft tools on a cutting mat

Cutting mats, particularly self-healing, are necessary for any workshop, craft room, or kitchen. These protect surfaces from marks and damage caused by using craft knives, rotary cutters, and other sharp cutting tools during scale modeling, crafting, manufacturing, or food preparation. A cutting mat provides cost-effective safety and long-lasting durability for your table, … Read more