What are the Different Scales of Gundam Models?

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The size, or scale, of a model shows how big it will be once it is built. Take a 1/144 model, which is said to be exactly 144 times smaller than the “real” mobile suit, if it existed. For example, the “life-size” Gundam model in Odaiba, Japan, is 1/1 scale. Since the … Read more

How Hard is it to Build a Gundam Model?

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The complexity of Gundam kits is a major deterrent to newcomers. Most people would wonder what would happen if they started a Gunpla kit but couldn’t finish it because of the difficulty level. This piece is an attempt to provide an answer to that very issue. Where do you stand on the … Read more

What can you do with old Gundam Models?

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Most people would probably agree that in purchasing the first model either to try out the pastime or to have a showcase in our homes. After a few months, we suddenly realize that we have a large number of Gundam models sitting around with no place to store them. The issue is … Read more

Learn About the Different Grades of Gundam Models

Learn About the Different Grades of Gundam Models

Choosing a Gundam Model or Gunpla that fits your degree of expertise will make it more pleasant. Because Gunpla classification is a bit of a science, finding the ideal model for you is fortunately simple. The maker of Gunpla, Bandai, has classified all of the models based on scale and grade. The … Read more

What is Gunpla?

Gunpla plastic model kits

Gunpla is a line of mecha model kits made by Bandai that are very popular. The name of the line is a combination of the words “Gundam” and “Plastic Model (Plamo)”. Gunpla are poseable model kits based on the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise’s different mobile weapons, especially the Mobile Suits. Gunpla is … Read more