How Hard is it to Build a Gundam Model?

Gundam Model

The complexity of Gundam kits is a major deterrent to newcomers. Most people would wonder what would happen if they started a Gunpla kit but couldn’t finish it because of the difficulty level. This piece is an attempt to provide an answer to that very issue. Where do you stand on the … Read more

What can you do with old Gundam Models?

Model Kits of Famous Robots

Most people would probably agree that in purchasing the first model either to try out the pastime or to have a showcase in our homes. After a few months, we suddenly realize that we have a large number of Gundam models sitting around with no place to store them. The issue is … Read more

What is the Best Glue for Ceramics?

broken ceramic plate and a bottle of glue

Breaking and destroying ceramic items can be frustrating and if its a cherished item it maybe even heart breaking. Repairing your broken ceramic can be an easy process with the help of the best glues for ceramics on the market.  Do not feel hopeless after dropping your ceramic item as long as … Read more

What is the Best Glue for Glass?

man in a checkered polo gluing glass

Unlike other model materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, etc., glass is a strong and versatile material that could last for many years. However, the downside with glass is that it is prone to breaking or cracking even when you are extremely cautious about handling it. On a brighter note, you don’t … Read more

What is the Best Glue for Wood?

applying white glue on a piece of wood

When doing arts and crafts or DIY projects, it is important to use the best wood glue to ensure high-quality output. Even though it is very easy to work with wood using nails and screws because of their porous surface, it would still be better to use a high-quality glue to ensure … Read more

Tips for Getting Your Child Started with RC as a Hobby

orange and blue RC car

The RC hobby has been growing in recent years, and it is not just a hobby that only kids can enjoy because adults have started to transform the hobby into something complex and versatile. Gone were the days when only simple RC cars could be bought in toy stores, as there are … Read more