Introduction to Traxxas Cars

red traxxas remote controlled car

Since radio-controlled vehicles were invented, it attracted several enthusiasts who were all willing to spend large amounts of money and time. Most of these enthusiasts were interested in the entertainment that RC cars bring. However, many of them were also discouraged by the demands and the intimidating task of constructing a remote-controlled … Read more

Main Benefits and Differences of Electric and Nitro RC Cars

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Radio control cars or RC cars have been around for several years, and it still remained to be a popular hobby for adults and children alike. However, there are several reasons for this; probably one of the major things about this is that one can customize and make any changes. This means … Read more

Introduction to Lionel Trains

Introduction to Lionel Trains

Lionel is probably the most famous name in the model railroad industry. Since 1900, the company manufactured model trains as well as model railroading accessories. Lionel is well-known for their O-gauge model railroad product line, and this includes realistic models of freight cars, engines, passenger cars, buildings, cabooses, as well as other … Read more

What are the Types of Gauges on Model Trains

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Whenever someone develops an interest in model railways, more often than not, they get fed with different information regarding the scale and gauge, leaving them utterly confused. That is why if you’re into model railways and you are also confused about gauges and scales, we are here to try and get some … Read more